Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Knitting for the soul...

Hi Bloggy Friends,

I am so sorry to have kept you hanging without any word of my where abouts lately.

I've been going through a hard time at the moment and am dealing with some tough life stuff so I have been hiding out for a while to get myself back together.


During this time I've been slowly doing some knitting, I think its good for the soul don't you?

I hope to be back to normal soon.

Ellie........ x


  1. Hi Ellie,

    I hope you'll feel better soon :) Nothing makes you feel better than knitting or crocheting! Except chocolates & ice-creams, of course!


  2. YES!!!!! I have had the worst few days ever but the knitting has really gotten me through it. I hope things are ok with you.

  3. Hey Ellie,

    Noticed you haven't been on Facebook lately? I hope things are improving for you.




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