Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finished Project... almost!

I had another crochet class today and I have (just about) finished my first ever project (the beanie hat I mentioned in my previous post!!) I am sooo excited with it and am super proud that I got it finished, of course with the excellent help of Jodie my teacher!!
Today I finished off the scalloped edges and I learnt how to make the suoer big white flower to go nicely on the side of the hat! I think it looks sooo cute, all I need now to finish it off completely is to add a really nice rustic wooden button to the middle of the flower and it'll be done! I couldn't help myself though, I had to post piccies of it before I sewed the button on (which I dont have yet anyhow!) cause I'm so excited that I finally finished my first ever homemade crochet project!!

This week I'm going to be moving onto 2 new projects, 1 is going to be a chunky/lacy cowl scarf in this gorgeous deep charcoalish colour and a cute pot holder in a really nice rich blue cotton! I cant wait to get started, although this week my progress on my projects may be a little slow as I am off to the big smoke tomorrow for work for a whole week! Plus I have uni exams starting the following monday and my study is lacking!! Hopefully I'll get some much needed crochet practice time squeexed in somewhere!!

Ellie x

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A new found hobby!!

I have recently started classes in learning how to crochet and have realised that I love it! I love the feeling of being able to make something and say "I made that!" It's relaxing and fun and I'm totally enjoying my classes that are run by a local lady that has recently opened her own shop in town called "Jellywares". She stocks all types of homemade things and some gorgeous fibres and wool used for knitting and crochet!
I've started my first ever proper project which is a beanie hat made out of 20 ply wool, it's taking shape really quickly and I'm super proud of it!
Still a working progress however, hopefully I'll be done by this weekend and then on to the next project!

Ellie x

Monday, May 24, 2010

First Seedlings

This month I planted my first ever veggie patch in a big poly drum that my dad gave to me! My BF Roger and I collected all of the dirt and things to get it all set up in our little back yard! I'm sooo excited about it! I planted seeds (which I was a little scared of doing because I've never grown anything from seeds) but as soon as I saw my first seedlings pop up I was ecstatic!!
The first seeds to show were the rocket seeds! I have been checking the seedlings everyday and slowly everything is starting to sprout! I think everyone should give a veggie patch a go! I cant wait until we can harvest and have our own fresh veggies for dinner! Not long now, bu October we will have our own onions! lol

I Love Pic Nik!

Pic Nik is the coolest picture editing website and I love it! You can do all sorts of cool things to your pictures like making collages and film strips just like this one that I made of some piccies that I've taken around our property!
Check it out some time:
Ellie x

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Puppy Love!

I love dogs and puppies!!

This year at the town show my sister Jessie and I took our doggies down to enter in the Pet Parade! Nellie (our family long haired Jack Russell) and Lil (Jessie's shitzu x maltese puppy) were sooo cute at the show, and so well behaved! Nellie won 1st prize in the waggiest tail comp (she won last year also- such a champ 2 years running haha!) and Lil came 2nd in the cutest dog competition nawww!

It was such a fun dogs day out! I thought I'd share it with you all.

Ellie :)

Collection addict

I am a book collecting addict! Especially when it comes to ones that have a pretty cover with great aesthetic appeal or funky pictures. I have a really bad habbit of spending loads of money on books that I never get around to reading! It doesn't phase me though because they always look pretty lying around somewhere in my house or stacked up on my bookshelf.

What books are you all into at the moment??

(Top picture of a small stack of some books currently on my bookshelf)

Hello World!

My name is Ellie, I am 21 years old and live in a small town in country NSW. I love to write and to jot things down, I love to collect cute things, I love pretty stuff and designy goodness. I also like to create things and my creative side has been lacking a little in the last couple of years so I hope to use this blog as an outlet for all things that I like, I want and that I LOVE!

I hope that I can inspire the rest of you bloggers out there (wherever you are... if there are any of you?? lol) to open your eyes to the pretty things in life (casue I know sometimes I really need to force myself to slow down and enjoy things!), or to just entertain you or motivate you to check out some of the things that I post!