Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finished Project... almost!

I had another crochet class today and I have (just about) finished my first ever project (the beanie hat I mentioned in my previous post!!) I am sooo excited with it and am super proud that I got it finished, of course with the excellent help of Jodie my teacher!!
Today I finished off the scalloped edges and I learnt how to make the suoer big white flower to go nicely on the side of the hat! I think it looks sooo cute, all I need now to finish it off completely is to add a really nice rustic wooden button to the middle of the flower and it'll be done! I couldn't help myself though, I had to post piccies of it before I sewed the button on (which I dont have yet anyhow!) cause I'm so excited that I finally finished my first ever homemade crochet project!!

This week I'm going to be moving onto 2 new projects, 1 is going to be a chunky/lacy cowl scarf in this gorgeous deep charcoalish colour and a cute pot holder in a really nice rich blue cotton! I cant wait to get started, although this week my progress on my projects may be a little slow as I am off to the big smoke tomorrow for work for a whole week! Plus I have uni exams starting the following monday and my study is lacking!! Hopefully I'll get some much needed crochet practice time squeexed in somewhere!!

Ellie x

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