Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Amoungst the other busy things that I have been doing lately is this little project that I have been working on here and there when I can.

"The Claudia Scarf" by Rebecca Jackson.

claudia scarf4

claudia scarf

This pattern is so simple yet looks so effective, especially in the gorgeous Malabrigo sock yarn! I love the colours and the flecks and different shades of purples through it. Everytime I sit down and work on this pattern I'm excited to see what colour will work up next!

claudia scarf2

Once I got the hang of the pattern sequence it is smooth sailing for 85 rows and then another 85 along the other end! Its repetitive but one of those patterns that doesn't require too much concentration (I like to call them "TV patterns" because you can still glance up and watch your fav tv show whilst working on the scarf! lol)

claudia scarf5

claudia scarf3

This yarn is soooo soft and beautiful, its such a dream to work with and would reccommend it to anyone to use. I can't wait to see this little project all finisnhed and ready to be worn out and about. We've had a cool change in the weather here today and its getting me excited about winter and all of the yummy things a knitter and crocheter can make!!

See you soon


Friday, March 18, 2011

Day dreaming...

When I should be working, or studying or creating and crafting I can't help but be day dreaming...

I'm thinking a holiday would be nice! I'm dreaming of the pretty sights we saw in NZ late last year....

Ahh to be on holidays again!!


nz2010 2

(some quick pics I took while we were in NZ last year... so beautiful over there! I feel for the people affected by the horrible earthquake that has happened recently in Christchurch. This is one beautiful country!)

Okay, I'm getting back to work now.

See you tomorrow :o)


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Missing in action...

Whoa it feels like forever since I have been hanging out in Blog Land, and poor You, Me & Miss E has been neglected slightly, SOOOOORRY!!

I have been one SUPER busy girl over the last couple of weeks. I've visited friends, been out of town, worked my butt off, been to birthday parties and tried to get my butt in shape!!

I thought I'd better drop by and say "Hello!" and let you all know I am still here!!

I have been a tiny bit crafty lately, (not as much as I wish I had been) and have started a gorgeous new project with some yummy yarn and will be posting more about this tomorrow!

See you then!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kina progress...

This week in my creative space I have been slowly making progress on

lady kina cardi4

It's growing ever so slowly, as I add another purl row here and another knitted row there. No matter how long this little number is going to take, I'm very much in love!

lady kina cardi5

I'm about 2cm off casting off for the sleeves and I'm guessing that once this is done its pretty much more smooth sailing of the stockinette stitch right to the end... perfect!

lady kina cardi6

I'm determined to get this cardi finished because I have a nasty habit of starting gorgeous projects and not getting around to finishing them!
Not this time folks!!!

What do you think of the colour?? I'm feeling very much into blue at the moment... in case you couldn't already tell! lol

Whats been happening in your creative space this week??

Ellie .......... x