Friday, March 18, 2011

Day dreaming...

When I should be working, or studying or creating and crafting I can't help but be day dreaming...

I'm thinking a holiday would be nice! I'm dreaming of the pretty sights we saw in NZ late last year....

Ahh to be on holidays again!!


nz2010 2

(some quick pics I took while we were in NZ last year... so beautiful over there! I feel for the people affected by the horrible earthquake that has happened recently in Christchurch. This is one beautiful country!)

Okay, I'm getting back to work now.

See you tomorrow :o)



  1. Oh my goodness Ellie, what amazing photos! I've never been to NZ, but it tops my list of countries I want to visit :)

  2. The photos are stunning! Where in NZ were they taken as I am planning a very short trip there and would love to see this

  3. Hi Maria,
    Thanks for the comment! I've just sent you an email with all of the details of where these were taken!

    Hi Chrissy, I would DEFINITELY reccommend you get over and see NZ some time in the future! I loved it and I didnt even really think of ever going there but when we had to go for a wedding I was blown away, its such an amazing place!

    Ellie xx


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