Thursday, December 22, 2011

This week so far...

We're on the countdown folks!

 The countdown until I don't have to come to work in the morning (until the new year), until we can drink and eat festively (and become festively plump!!), until I can kick back on the beach in the sun AND the mighty countdown until Christmas!!!

This week for me feels like it has been dragging on and on and onnnn!

Its only Thursday, I mean what the?!

Anyway, here's my week so far in pictures!!
What have you been up to this week?

Christmas lights

Just chilling

Christmas time Tan!!

New nails, teenage dream over barefoot Barcelona

Hopey's 18th bday with Brooke and Zoe


This week has seen me put up Chrissie lights at home on Sunday, kick back trying to relax before things start to get really hectic at home (we're having Christmas at my parents place with my aunt, uncle and their kids so we are all preparing for the big day!), I had a catch up with little "Tan" the calf who is still residing in the paddock behind our house (she is finally off hand bottled milk!! Woo hoo!), I gave myself a quickie fix up mani for a dinner last night and added some "sparklies" (I think they look festive!), I spent last night celebrating my friend Hope's 18th birthday (she's in the piccie with her 2 sisters Zoe and Brooke - they remind me of me and my sisters! Happy Birthday Hopey, finally legal!! hehe) and lastly Bazzie our Blue Heeler was feeling the love and tried to snuggle up in my lap at home and got snapped by the camera!

Ahh, still so much going on this week! Tonight we're having a "pre-Christmas" get together with my mums entire family as my aunt and uncle and their 4 kids have come to visit for a few days before Xmas, tomorrow night my little sister Jessie flies home for Christmas (YAY!) and then Saturday Santa comes and I'm off to "slip-and-slide" (yes I'm still young enough to do this lol) at a friends place for a Xmas Eve BBQ! Hopefully I can snap some embarrassing pics of the event! haha

Gotta love the holidays!!

Merry Christmas


Monday, December 19, 2011

Better late then Never!!!

So with only a small handful of days to go before Christmas arrives I finally got my act together and put up our Christmas tree and even decked the house out in Chrissie lights (thanks to a few helpful bodies on the weekend!!)

Here is a sneaky pic I took of the lights last night when I got home from my sister's place.

Its not the best shot and the lights look SO good from the road, I'll hopefully get another pic before Santie comes!!

I figure its better late then never when it comes to getting "Christmas-y"!!

I wanted to post a piccie of my gorgeous Christmas tree but my little Sister is flying home on Friday to spend Christmas with us and she wants it to be a surprise so I'll post once this happens!

Are you organised for Christmas? Any last minute shopping happening this week (like me... Oops!) ??

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Late for work.... again?!

Are you a morning person? Do you enjoy getting up early and greeting the sun as it wakes up?

Well, once upon a  time (when I was still a teen back in high school) I used to love getting up early, not "wasting the day" in bed, no sleep in's for me!

What has changed??

Now, I struggle to drag my sorry ass out of bed at 730am!! Often I get to work looking like I literally crawled out of bed, into my car and to my desk with no evidence of making myself look "decent" for the day ahead. Its starting to annoy me how little an attempt I've been putting into my morning rituals of getting ready for work.

Does this happen with age? Is it because I'm getting older? Or is it just pure laziness?

I'm thinking it might be the latter! So I've decided to start thinking of ideas for my "New Year Resolutions" and this is on the top of my list....
It's time for a change, starting with this! No more looking scruffy and dishevelled at work, uni or anywhere (in public that is... I still love my nights in my pj's on the couch watching One Tree Hill re-runs! Aint no body going to tell me to look flashy for that! hehe)

More New Year Resolutions to come. Have you started thinking of any yet?


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One of those days

With the rush lead up to Christmas happening really quickly and the lingering "holiday" period teasing me (because I cant WAIT to revel in it!) I'm currently finding myself in the midst of one of "those" days.

You know...... one of those"blah" days?!

That's when I turn to one of my best friends for comfort and calories...

Yep, Ice-cream (my love) and chocolate all in one.
Mmmm New Zealand Natural Chocochillo.

(Ice-cream often makes most things okay again.)

Thank you for comforting me on my "blah" day. Lets hope tomorrow will be better :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

New beginnings... Or old ones that are finally starting!

With the end of the year fast approaching I seem to get that feeling of "new beginnings", New Year resolutions and I start thinking of how I am going to tackle the new year that is about to unfold.

 I find myself writing out Christmas cards to people that I love and don't get to see very often. I read out what I have written and often they read similar to last years cards, mostly about how I haven't had a chance to spend much time with these friends and hope to see them more in the New Year.

Its sad that as you get older you start to realise that those good "old" days spent frivolously with friends at school or at home soon become the good "current" days where things change and we get older and busy and the days roll on by so fast that even last Christmas felt like yesterday! (OMG 20 days until this Christmas!)

I'm starting to understand that even though things change and people grow apart (or more so move away from each other) it doesn't always mean that its a bad thing.

Change can be good.
 Don't you think?

As I sit down and look at what new things have happened in my life towards the end of this big year I can safely say I have a big smile on my face and feel content.

Change has been a really big constant in my life this year and although at the time some changes felt kind of yucky, I am accepting that the new changes are good if not great!!

The end of the year brings people together and always brings me a sense of new beginnings, or I like to think of them as old beginnings that  were suppose to happen but just haven't had a chance to start until now! lol

What "new" (or old things) are you looking forward to this year or into the new year?

Firstly I am trying to get all of my Christmas shopping done!!!

Oh and P.s, on random note, I am currently trying to sell my electric guitar on eBay!
Its a whole guitar start up pack with and amp, stand and guitar bag included!

The link to my eBay site is here, if you know of anyone keen to start learning or someone who just wants a guitar for the hell of it please check  it out! Sadly it turns out I am not the musical "guitar" type lol and  I want to sell it to someone who will use it rather than it just collecting dust in my house!

Drop me a comment if you want any more info!

Happy Monday! x