Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pink or Coral?

I bought my first ever lipstick last weekend. In fact I bought two!

I have a night out to go to this weekend (yay), its the football presentation night for my boyfriends footy team and its usually a big night out and everyone gets dressed up pretty fancy!

I purchased a little black dress a few weeks ago online to wear to the event and now I have some cute new heels too! (Will post pics soon-ish!) I thought since I am wearing a black dress and nude heels I could try my hand at pulling off some lippy too!

I've never worn lipstick out before, I'm usually more of a lipgloss kind of gal (my body shop stuff tastes so yummy and looks so nice and glossy I've never thought of anything else!)

I need your help deciding on a colour to wear! { please excuse the horrible pics, I have been sitting at my laptop all day working on an assignment - glamourous much?! NOT!! }



At first I was liking the pink (its a horrible pic though so I am a little turned off now! HAHA) but I am kind of liking the subtleness of the coral now. Hmmmm I guess it'll be different once I am all dressed up with my hair all done and make-up on too!

Oh, and if you're wondering, the lipsticks are by Rimmel London, in shades 20 (pink) and 16 (coral), only around $11 each from Big W!

What do you think??


Skinny Smoothie

Boy do I love Pinterest.

Its been an obsession of mine since I signed up early this year. So many awesome ideas, trends and inspiration to be seen and re-pinned!

I was scrolling through some pins yesterday and saw this recipe for a "skinny oatmeal smoothie" via Lauren Conrad's pins. The recipe comes from here originally and is a perfect morning brekkie substitute for your usual cereal or eggs if you're trying to eat a little healthier!

Recipe includes:
1 cup ice
1/2 cup frozen raspberries or strawberries (I used mixed frozen berries)
1/2 cup low fat yoghurt (I used natural greek yoghurt)
1 banana
1/2 cup old-fashioned rolled oats
1 cup coconut water or another liquid (I used a small splash of almond milk)
1 tbsp of honey

{ Blend all ingredients until smooth }

Yummy! I think this recipe is such a good one because I usually have all of the ingredients at home which make for a quick whip up and its done!!



Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Whoa, can I just put it out there and say:
Can time just slow the hell down please?!!!!

The last week and a half has flown by soooo freakin' fast I can't keep up and in true Ellie fashion I am starting to fall into a heap due to being poorly unorganised and over committed to too many things at once.

Dang it.

Last week was my first week of uni "holidays". I spent some time with my little sis while she visited, I took a quick trip to our farm with my Dad to check up on our cattle and cute calves and I spent the weekend catching up with my boyfriend over some quality time alone together in a near by city (which for us, alone time practically never happens!)

Some window shopping in Dubbo made me very keen to add a few things to my Christmas list!! Lol So cute Kardashian Kollection purses! Love!

Added this cute diamond necklace to the wish list whilst the BF was "boy" shopping! ;)

Some window shopping turned into actual shopping (Oops!) My new Kadashian Kollection handbag!

Purple Ugg BARGAIN! $10 from Cotton On Body! Too cute to leave in store ;)

The biggest bargain of the weekend trip was this tee from Myer, reduced to $7.50!!

This week I am a stress ball. I have so much homework to complete before I make the long drive back to uni on Sunday and I have so many things I want to do before then.

Today I am begrudgingly making my way through some heavy research for an essay that I have due on Monday, Boooo. 1500 words, double BOOOOO.

Anyhow, life must go on and I need a good kick up my own arse for leaving things a little late on the essay front. Any good essay tips anyone?! lol

How has your week been so far? I am slowly catching up with the social media world again, man does a lot happen via twitter/instagram in a week if you haven't been checking in! If you're not already hooked up in the twitter world, get on it! Find me on @misselle_tweets !!

Stay happy friends! xx


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rest... for 2 weeks

Hey bloggy friends,

Just a quick one today! I've been so massively lazy (or you could call it busy too I guess lol) this past week. I finished my third term of uni on Friday last week so I packed my bags and headed out west to my home town for a 2 week holiday break! Yay!

Technically it isn't a "holiday" since I will be working most of the time (I need the cash, poor student problems! lol) but it's a nice break from the freezing weather down in the Riverina and I get to spend time with my family and bf which is always nice!! The weather here today is divine! So sunny and warm, ahhh I can feel spring calling me!!!

Image source

Not much news from this past weekend, just a lot of kilometres driven and I am feeling a little tired but so happy to be home. There is no place like home!

More blogging soon! x


Monday, August 13, 2012

Viva Forever, Spice up your life!!

Oh My God, I must be one of the biggest dorks out there but I cant get the girly-ish grin off my face after having just watched a clip of the Spice Girls reunion performance at the London Olympics Closing Ceremony!!!

Of course I missed the live footage of the girlie's on TV (dang it) but thank God for YouTube and all things Internet!!

Image source 

I have to say, after so many years apart and some alleged "differences" between my fave five girls they put on an awesome performance and totally rocked it!

I wish they'd get over their adult dramas and reunite already!! I was their biggest fan when I was growing up! My girlfriends and I were obsessed and a good part of me will always be a massive fan as corny as some of you may think that is! ;)

Image source 

Plus, how hot do they all look all these years later?! I think Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) takes the cake for looking the best on the night, but I still love Mel B's crazy nature in her glittery body suit!

Viva Forever Spice-y fans!! The girls have still got it!!!!!

Image source

Friday, August 10, 2012

Stop Me. Take My Cards Away!

Take the Internet off me. I can't stop browsing the amazing world wide web full of gorgeous new season goodies begging me to buy them!

I am in no position to be spending my pennies on frivolous shopping but it doesn't stop my little heart fluttering every time I see something online that I love and want to buy. I can't help it. I'm a girl. Girls like shopping... I LOVE it! What I would love more is to graduate form uni and be earning a decent wage to support my strong love for retail therapy!

I spotted these cute accessories at Witchery this afternoon. Stop my beating heart.

Cecelia Snake Sandal

Paris Hard Case Clutch

I want, I want! Help!!!!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have been getting nagged by my 10 year old cousin Jack to update my iPhone 4 to the new 5.1.1 software (or whatever its called) for over a month now so he can "i-chat" me? He has an iPod and apparently these days iPods aren't just good for music, you can chat on them too?! (Who would have thought)

So I updated my phone this morning with a few panic attacks!! I thought I'd lost all of my photos (all 1000+ of them), then I thought I'd lost all of my contacts but thank God for back-up (which I did three times mind you! lol)

Anyhow, in amongst the three back-ups I still managed to lose all of my apps *tears*

But it's OK. I remembered about four apps that I use regularly (i.e Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Runkeeper) but I can't think of any others!

Help me! I need to know what apps I should download, or which ones YOU can't live without that I might realise I can't live without it either! :)

Let me know below! xx

Oh, btw - how cool is that iPhone cover ^^ ?! I found it on Pinterest, here.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bangs are back!?

More hair envy over here at Miss E's tonight. I just can't help but get all jealous when I see this girl rocking a big front fringe, aka bangs.

Taylor Swift.
(image source)

I had a BAD case of the bangs when I was a kid. I had a fringe from probably the age of three or four, and it was so cute around this age, but as I got older and went through that awkward tween - teen stage it just looked.... bad. I mean, i cringe when I look at most of these pictures of myself around this age. Is it just me or do we all get really ugly at some stage of our "growings up" ?! lol

Plus, I have one hell of a cow-lick (here's the definition if any one is confused with this term! lol) that I couldn't control with my fringe (this was before I owned a hair straightener, in fact I don't think they had really hit the market big time yet!)

(image source)
Look at the shot of Taylor on the cover of Vogue! Amaze!

I would kill for another shot at rocking a fringe! I spent a long time growing out my fringe to a stage where it was long enough to look like it blended in with my long hair but now Taylor has me re-thinking things! There is something cute about having a fringe, but can also look sultry and edgy too!

(image source)

What do you think?
Would you try the "bangs" look on your hair? Hair grows right???


Friday, August 3, 2012

Review: tried and tested dry shampoo!

Okay, so after my last post about dry shampoo I raced out to the shops this week in search of some dry shampoo to try for myself.

I wasn't planning on finding anything at my local Coles supermarket but when I was doing my weekly grocery shop I found some Toni & Guy dry shampoo in the hair care section. Score! I was planning on raiding price line but I thought to save myself an extra trip to town I would just settle for the supermarket stuff.

I used it for the first time yesterday and am now I'm in love. Dry shampoo is my new best friend! It's genius!

At first I was a little unsure how to use the stuff since it comes in an aerosol can. All I did was shake it up and spray it on my roots in problem areas like the front of my hair near my face where I feel like it always looks oiliest and some through the bulk of my hair to "spruce" it up.

It smells so yummy! I felt like my hair smelt yummy all day which helps with that paranoid feeling that your hair is in between washes and looks yuck! It also doesn't look yuck! The shampoo absorbs any oil that might be there and makes your hair look yummy as usual.

For around $15 I am sold! I'm sure that there are plenty of other cheaper brands out there but in the mean time this will suit me!

Another tip I picked up on is to style your hair according to where you feel your problem areas are whilst in between washes. Since I feel like my problem area is at the front, I take notes from Miss Lauren Conrad and pin back the areas that might look a little oily, easy!

I don't feel so bad about not washing my hair every second day now! I'm actually kind of excited to not wash it so I can use my new can of dry shampoo! haha 

Oh, also folks - today is Jeans for Genes day! I hope you don some cute jeans today to raise awareness for the Children's Medical Research Institute! I have no jeans on right now but will be rocking my skinny black jeans tonight for a friends farewell dinner! Get into the spirit loves!! x