Monday, August 13, 2012

Viva Forever, Spice up your life!!

Oh My God, I must be one of the biggest dorks out there but I cant get the girly-ish grin off my face after having just watched a clip of the Spice Girls reunion performance at the London Olympics Closing Ceremony!!!

Of course I missed the live footage of the girlie's on TV (dang it) but thank God for YouTube and all things Internet!!

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I have to say, after so many years apart and some alleged "differences" between my fave five girls they put on an awesome performance and totally rocked it!

I wish they'd get over their adult dramas and reunite already!! I was their biggest fan when I was growing up! My girlfriends and I were obsessed and a good part of me will always be a massive fan as corny as some of you may think that is! ;)

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Plus, how hot do they all look all these years later?! I think Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) takes the cake for looking the best on the night, but I still love Mel B's crazy nature in her glittery body suit!

Viva Forever Spice-y fans!! The girls have still got it!!!!!

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  1. memories!! I love the spicegirls haha x

  2. Ohh me too! I love and miss them! The good old days! haha


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