Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bangs are back!?

More hair envy over here at Miss E's tonight. I just can't help but get all jealous when I see this girl rocking a big front fringe, aka bangs.

Taylor Swift.
(image source)

I had a BAD case of the bangs when I was a kid. I had a fringe from probably the age of three or four, and it was so cute around this age, but as I got older and went through that awkward tween - teen stage it just looked.... bad. I mean, i cringe when I look at most of these pictures of myself around this age. Is it just me or do we all get really ugly at some stage of our "growings up" ?! lol

Plus, I have one hell of a cow-lick (here's the definition if any one is confused with this term! lol) that I couldn't control with my fringe (this was before I owned a hair straightener, in fact I don't think they had really hit the market big time yet!)

(image source)
Look at the shot of Taylor on the cover of Vogue! Amaze!

I would kill for another shot at rocking a fringe! I spent a long time growing out my fringe to a stage where it was long enough to look like it blended in with my long hair but now Taylor has me re-thinking things! There is something cute about having a fringe, but can also look sultry and edgy too!

(image source)

What do you think?
Would you try the "bangs" look on your hair? Hair grows right???



  1. Her fringe is gorgeous! I had a fringe (and no straightener!) during my ugly teen days... I still feel sorry for myself.

    I tried bangs a few years ago, hated them after a week and pinned them back for a month until it was easy to disguise as a side fringe.

  2. There's a good chance I'd probably do the same thing :(


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