Friday, March 22, 2013

Brighten Up

There is nothing more beautiful than putting fresh flowers in my home. I feel instantly more happy and love looking across my living room and seeing these gorgeous orchards in a vase.

I purchased these flowers (and the funky jar vase) from Scooter Flowers in Wagga. Unfortunately they haven't got a website or FB page but the store is one of the most GORGEOUS florist stores I've ever been in to. I just want to live in there!!

Its designed really nicely, its rustic with restored timber tables and vintage looking vases, cute rolls of twine and the odd handmade product, plus all of the beautiful flowers displayed throughout! I love it there!

I had my eye on some 'strawberry' flowers they had on display in the front window, but unfortunately these weren't for sale as they were older stock. They may have some more in store next week for purchase so I'll be sure to pop in!

Also on my trip to town this morning I was a little naughty and purchased a new outfit. I felt that post-shopping guilt but reassured myself that the dress I purchased looked fantastic and will be a perfect outfit for my hometowns' local race meet in May which I am really excited about!

I managed to get the bargain of the century (for me anyway) and snag these cute leather patent heels for $39.96 reduced from $149.95!!!!!!! Thank you Witchery and your mid season sale + extra 20% discount on all sale items! (Get onto this band wagon while it still lasts! There are some great bargains!)

Anyhow, that was pretty much my Friday, besides slumping around feeling yucky with this cold. I am trying to flush it out by chugging a lot of H20!!!!

Have a happy weekend peeps! :)


Thursday, March 21, 2013


How is the weather at your place right now? Here in the Riverina it is storming and I love it. The thunder is loud and the rain is on and off but its beautiful and I'll never say no to some rain (that is until it floods again!)

I'm feeling very miserable this evening. I woke up with a cold yesterday and it has only gotten worse today despite dosing myself up on vitamin C tablets.

I don't know what it is with me but it seems as soon as I get busy, I get sick! I hope this cold doesn't hang around too long because I have ALOT of work to do before the end of next week.

I have almost finished the Queen Anne scarf, but have decided that I need another ball of yarn to get it to the right length. I should have known when I started but hey, these things happen. I'll pop into the yarn shop tomorrow morning.

In other news, I am loving the change in season. I usually don't get that excited about winter but the thought of yummy woollen jumpers and snuggly jackets is kind of exciting now that the temps have dropped a bit! Plus it means stocking up on some new winter attire. Well, maybe not 'stocking up' for me this year as I am on a strict savings budget, but a couple of purchases is not out of the question!

I haven't found anything just yet that takes my fancy but I haven't really done a whole lot of looking either! Might try and get my internet 'shop' on, although my stinky internet is awfully slow tonight with these storms around!

What winter goodies are you lusting over right now?


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I should probably be doing some work on my uni stuff but I am too distracted by this gorgeous new yarn that I purchased today.

'Noro Silk Garden' is such a pretty yarn to look at and work with. The colours throughout are gorgeous and its exciting to work with this type of yarn because the more you work with the more the variations in colour come out!

I am using this Noro ball for my crochet Queen Anne lace scarf (posted on revelry here).

I haven't done much of the pattern just yet and its looking a little wonky but I am happy to plod along with this project as it helps me to stay calm and get some sanity back in stead of stressing about uni work all the time!

I'm so happy to be crocheting again. I love this craft!

Are you knitting or crocheting anything at the moment? 


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, before I started studying full time again, I was an avid crafter.

I loved knitting, sewing (or attempting to sew) and my biggest love was crochet. Now, don't think for one second that crochet is only for the Nana's and the lonely old biddies. Crochet is a great, relaxing craft that I hold close to my heart and is very trendy if done right.

A good friend of mine opened my eyes to the wonderful world of yarn and handmade crafting a few years ago and lately I have been missing it! I haven't picked up the crochet hook in I don't know how long and I really miss the humbling feeling it gives me when I finish a project that looks great.

There is something about crochet that reminds me of home, the country and I guess the way things were once upon a time.

One of my goals this year is to attempt to moderately get back into crochet (and maybe knitting - its the sad truth that I am not a good knitter, you can ask the tangled and hole-y, unfinished pieces in my yarn stash).

I have a lot of things on the go at the moment, including hopefully something very exciting that I can share with you all soon, so crochet will be something to make me happy as a small side project.

Until then, here are some 'pins' I love for inspiration in all things yarn and crochet.

Do you craft?


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back to being motivated

This week marked my first week back at uni for my FINAL year! (Cheering!!)

I also find that when I get back Wagga for uni I always get that little bit more motivated to kick start my fitness regime. In my sleepy home-town there are limited fitness classes and the gym is pretty dismal so it is SO refreshing being able to attend several fitness classes a week which makes me feel strong, confident and motivated to continue to get in shape!

Currently I am doing classes five times a week. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I do 'fit-ball' classes  and Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays I do 'Pilates'.

I had never taken a proper fitness class in either of these classes before this week and I am really loving it!

What is even better is that I found a gym that is running a two month promotion where I paid $20 for twenty classes!!!! THAT IS SO CHEAP! (Since each class usually costs around $10 per session!) I have two months to use up the twenty classes, but at this rate it wont take me long to get through them!

My muscles are sore and tight but it feels good knowing they are working!

I love feeling fit and healthy again, and I am hoping this boost of motivation sticks around for a while if not forever!!!!