Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I should probably be doing some work on my uni stuff but I am too distracted by this gorgeous new yarn that I purchased today.

'Noro Silk Garden' is such a pretty yarn to look at and work with. The colours throughout are gorgeous and its exciting to work with this type of yarn because the more you work with the more the variations in colour come out!

I am using this Noro ball for my crochet Queen Anne lace scarf (posted on revelry here).

I haven't done much of the pattern just yet and its looking a little wonky but I am happy to plod along with this project as it helps me to stay calm and get some sanity back in stead of stressing about uni work all the time!

I'm so happy to be crocheting again. I love this craft!

Are you knitting or crocheting anything at the moment? 


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