Friday, March 22, 2013

Brighten Up

There is nothing more beautiful than putting fresh flowers in my home. I feel instantly more happy and love looking across my living room and seeing these gorgeous orchards in a vase.

I purchased these flowers (and the funky jar vase) from Scooter Flowers in Wagga. Unfortunately they haven't got a website or FB page but the store is one of the most GORGEOUS florist stores I've ever been in to. I just want to live in there!!

Its designed really nicely, its rustic with restored timber tables and vintage looking vases, cute rolls of twine and the odd handmade product, plus all of the beautiful flowers displayed throughout! I love it there!

I had my eye on some 'strawberry' flowers they had on display in the front window, but unfortunately these weren't for sale as they were older stock. They may have some more in store next week for purchase so I'll be sure to pop in!

Also on my trip to town this morning I was a little naughty and purchased a new outfit. I felt that post-shopping guilt but reassured myself that the dress I purchased looked fantastic and will be a perfect outfit for my hometowns' local race meet in May which I am really excited about!

I managed to get the bargain of the century (for me anyway) and snag these cute leather patent heels for $39.96 reduced from $149.95!!!!!!! Thank you Witchery and your mid season sale + extra 20% discount on all sale items! (Get onto this band wagon while it still lasts! There are some great bargains!)

Anyhow, that was pretty much my Friday, besides slumping around feeling yucky with this cold. I am trying to flush it out by chugging a lot of H20!!!!

Have a happy weekend peeps! :)



  1. Witchery shoes look amazing! What a bargain x

  2. Thank you lovely! I am feeling very smitten with my bargain purchase! :) lol x


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