Friday, August 27, 2010

All wrapped up!

Tonight I'm staying in, doing some last minute cram study for my uni exams FAST APPROACHING next week and wrapping up my beautiful Mums birthday present!! It's mums birthday this Sunday (and because I'll be away travelling down to Wagga for uni) I have got myself together getting mums pressie all organised.

I'm giving her the yummy chunky marshmellow knitted scarf I made not too long ago, a pretty outdoor wire decorative wall piece that she chose from the Nyngan Ag Expo and a novel by the Author Rachel Treasure (my mum and I both love her book "Jillaroo" and this is one of the many books that Rachel has written since. This one is called "The Stockmen") I'm hoping she likes it just as much as "Jillaroo"!!

I love wrapping presents and writing cards and things. I think making presents look pretty when given adds that little something extra!! I bought a cute card from Jodie in her store Jellywares in town to tie to the scarf.

Because mum and dad are heading out to the farm this weekend to do some cattle work I'm going to leave mums goodies at her house waiting for her to get home on Sunday to rip into them!!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to show you the goodies that I'm sending my swap partner for the Calico and Co Big Birthday Craft Swap. I wont name my partner just in case she is floating around Blogland and stumbles across my page finding out what I'm sending her before I send it!!

I'm sending it a bit early because I will be too busy (and out of town) next week to get it all organised for the post in time for the swap deadline! I'm excited to see what goodies I get from my Swap partner!!

More craftie news to come tomorrow!

But for now - here's an early Happy Birthday shout out to my Mum!!! Love you lots and lots xxoo!!

(Me and Mum in the Philippines Dec 2009)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Natural Remedies...

I've never really looked into the whole idea of natural remedies but since I'm struggling to kick this STUPID cold that I've caught this winter I am thinking that maybe its time to give some natural remedies a go!

I was scouring the net and of course one of my favourite websites, Homelife and came across some ideas for kicking the colds and flu's the natural way.
I found a couple of helpful links, you can read the Homelife guide to preventing colds and flu's the natural way here. The main emphasis in this article is to exercise regularly (hmmm, I've been lacking a little in this department lately! Oops! lol), and to get plenty of rest regularly!

I also found an article on Gardening to Boost Your Immune System! on the same site. This is perfect since I'm really digging (pun intended haha) gardening at the moment! My garden needs some serious pruning and de-weeding and I can't wait until after my uni exams (when I scrounge up some spare time) to attack it!!

So I'm off to boost my citrus and garlic intake in my diet to kick this darn cold (as I've read is suppose to help!!)

What are your natural remedies or special tips and tricks to start feeling better from a cold?? Roger's secret to feeling better is "fruit and water!" he also swears by those cough lolly things, "Anti-col" ?? I'm not into them though.

I'd love to hear your tips!

Ellie x
(pictures from

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Comfort Food

This week, Roger and I have both come down with the dreaded winter cold. Although we're not feeling too bad, it does slow me down a bit! So on Friday night I thought I'd whip up some comfort food for dinner. I had a large pumpkin in the veggie basket so I decided to try my hand at Pumpkin Soup!

MMM I love pumpkin soup, it has to be close to my favourite if not my favourite soup! My mum makes a mean pumpkin soup and I was hoping that I would also be able to make a yummy one!

For my first attempt I used this recipe as a backbone to follow. It was sooo easy and so quick, we were sitting down eating delicious warm soup in no time!

(boiling the pumpkin, potato onion and stock)

(The yummy finished product, add some cream and hey presto! Delicious!)

(Served with some crusty bread, toasted or not... yum!)

In knitting/crochet news, I have a few projects on the go at the moment! I'm currently finishing off making some goodies for my swap partner (in the Calico and Co craft swap) I'm also in the middle of making another slouchy beret and have just taken on my second knitting project.

I have decided to make a gorgeous cardigan/shrug. It's lovely. I'll link to the pattern next post when I've got a bit more done, so far I've only done the first few rows of the ribbed collar part so it doesn't look like too much! I'm so excited to get it finished though, I love it already!

Until my next post, I'm hoping you are all feeling well and not coming down with a cold like us! Have a good week!! Happy crafting :o)

Ellie x

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Craving the craftyness!

Hey blogland, how you doing?? I have been a little slack this week with my posting :o( Every spare chance I've gotten after my hectic work days I've been forcing myself to study my uni degree. Uni exams are fast approaching and in about 2 weeks time I'll be off to Wagga Wagga for a week of labs and exams (arghhhh!!)

I'm currently craving craftyness of any kind because I haven't been very productive this week with my crochet or knitting! Unfortunately I havn't got any project updates yet, but am hoping to post some by the end of this week (stay tuned!!!)

For now I will settle for searching the net for craftyness to deal with my lacking! lol

On one of my internet browsing sessions I came across a very pretty blog and etsy site. Urban Farm Designs is a well designed and pretty blog with some really gorgeous looking stuff for sale on their etsy site.

I'm really digging aprons at the moment with all of their pretty fabirc patterns and colours, and they make this cute "Rainbow Ruffle Apron". I think it has a cool vintage feel, I love it.

Following on the "vintage" apron love, I also found these cool treasures on Etsy:

"The Bella Vintage Styled Ice cream cones" apron by Boojiboo on etsy

"I Love Lucy" retro 50's apron by Lover Dover Clothing

What crafty stuff are you loving at the moment??

Ellie x

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pretty purse love...

I LOVE finding pretty things on the internet, handmade goodies that make me smile! This is exactly what I've found in Sammiabrie designs.
Amie (the creator behind Sammiabrie designs) makes gorgeous purses (and pretty headbands) that are growing more popular everyday! I found Sammiabrie through Facebook, my little sister was on her Facebook page and as soon as I saw the pretty purses that she makes (by herself in her own home), I was HOOKED! I had to buy one, and my very own Sammiabrie purse came in the mail last week!

Here it is:

(Photo's by Sammiabrie Designs)

Isn't it pretty?! Ah I love it, its made out of Amie Butler fabric (which I loooove), and she has sooo many other cute ones on sale. This little pretty cost me about $35 + postage. I recommend if you're on Facebook to check her designs out! Too cute and so practical. I can fit all of my handbag essentials (phone, cards, lipgloss, keys etc) in it too! BONUS!

Ellie x

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Knit, Knit, Knit...

Today in crochet class I decided that I would try my hand at knitting! Many years ago, a babysitter of ours taught me the basics of knitting and I just did a bit here and there when I was younger and have never done any since, so I thought "Today is the day!".

It was sooo great trying a new craft (as much as I adore crochet!!). I even managed to finish my first EVER knitted project! It's a very basic knitted scarf made in a gorgeous 20 ply (super chunky) pure Cascade wool yarn. MMM its so soft and woolly, I'm calling it the "Chunky Marshmellow Scarf"!

What do you think???

I really think it looks alot like fluffy marshmellows lol It was super easy, and it worked up soooo quick because I used these gorgeously huge 12.75mm knitting needles, I finished it all in one arvo lesson! How great is that?! It feels awesome to be able to whip something up so quickly!

Now, my next knitting project I'm thinking I'm going to tackle some kind of clothing! Maybe a shawl or poncho, or cute vest?? Not too sure yet, but I'm going to hit up Ravelry and find some patterns and see what Jodie thinks will be suitable for a knitting beginner!!

My next crochet project to tackle this weekend and into early next week is another slouchy beret for Jessie! She's off to the snow on Wednesday and has asked me to make her a beret! She's picked a gorgeous coloured yarn so I've gotta get it started and finished pretty quick!

What crafty stuff have you all been up to lately???

Ellie x

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Madeit dot com

I have been sooo into handmade lately and what better place to find gorgeous handmade stuff than at the online handmade market Madeit!?

If you haven't ever checked out Madeit before and you're into handmade stuff or just gorgeous products for you, the kids and around the home, then I suggest getting on there and sussing it out! A lot of bloggers and crafty people sell their stuff through this site cause it makes it sooo easy to browse and purchase! I LOVE it.

Since I'm raving about it, I thought I'd post some "madeit" finds that I've been checking out lately...

(Rejenerate vintage purse)

(My Button Tin hair pins)

(Apple Fresh ear rings)

(One Craftee Mumma Tea box design cards)

Hop on and have a browse, you wont be disappointed! You may even end up buying something!

Ellie x

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Slouchy Red Beret...

So, after my post the other day about starting the "Puff Stitch Beret" I sat down on that glorious sunday arvo at home with Rog to get stuck into it to realise that I was having some difficulty with the pattern and wasn't happy with how it was turning out.
Instead of throwing my yarn across the room cranky with myself that I couldn't make the gorgeous pattern I went straight to Ravelry to find a new pattern because I LOVE the red yarn that I bought and really wanted to make a beret out of it.

Luckily for me, Ravelry came through (as always!) with a number of great projects and I found this one. Its a very simple pattern but still looks pretty effective when its done. I'm pleased with the result, it's a little slouchier than I had imagined but I'm still liking how it looks.

What do you think of it???
For the flower I used another pattern that I downloaded by Jane Dominguez and her website can be found here.
I'm hoping that after getting some advice and help from Jodie in crochet class I might be able to use the Puff Stitch pattern for another project!
Now I have NO idea what project I'm going to move onto next! I need to work out what I'm going to make for the Calico and Co craft swap, maybe a washer and some other bits and pieces?? I should be assigned my partner soon that way I'll get to learn a bit about them and gague what they may be into!
Until my next post...
Take care,
Ellie x

These boots are made for walking...

Yesterday I got a special package in the mail!! I love mail, especially when its something as exciting as my new RM Williams boots for christmas!! Ah I love them, they are made of Kangaroo leather in a lovely tan brown and have that gorgeous new leathery smell!!
Here they are sitting pretty in their box...

I ordered them through work thinking that they'd take a while to get here but they showed up so fast (in a couple of days!). Now all I have to do is wait for Christmas to get them! I don't know if I can hold on that long though, these gorgeous boots are made to be strutted around town! lol

I'll see if I can last a week without taking them home! :o) Have you started to get Christmas presents or ideas together? It's coming up so fast hey!?!?

Tonight I'll be uploading pics of my latest crochet project... stay tuned!

Ellie x

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What ya cookin' good lookin'??

Soup!! Last night I attempted making one of Rogers' favourite soup recipes "Minestrone soup". I'm not a big soup fan, but I thought that since the last soup recipe I tried (Pea and Asparagus) turned out to be such a success I thought I'd give this one a go. Plus Rog was feeling a little under the weather and I think soup is always a good pick me up when you're feeling sick!!

I got the recipe from and you can find the recipe here. I think it turned out pretty well, it was really easy to whip up and is packed with veggies which is always a bonus when you want a healthy dinner!!

Also this weekend I spent Saturday out and about with my family at the "Nyngan Ag Expo". This was the first time I've ever made it down to the Expo and was very surprised with the whole day! There were tonnes of exhibitors and people out and about, cattle, sheep, arts and crafts, food and wine... everything that an Ag expo should have!

I had such a great time checking out all of the gorgeous stuff that the Nyngan locals and surrounding townspeople had to offer. Naturally I was really keen to suss out the crafty stuff and made a few purchases and met some great people.

One stall holder I met had some beautiful fabrics, baby clothing, hats, purses aprons (one which I purchased!) and lots more on show! Her stuff was gorgeous and I wanted to buy lots more, you can find her Made-it shop here. I'm keen to make a few more purchases in the near future!
Over-all the day out was a huge success! I'm thinking I might even try and make it back over there next year!

In crochet news, today I'm about to start a new project called the "Puff Stitch Beret". You can find the pattern here or on Ravelry. I LOVE this pattern so much and cant wait to make one of my own! I purchased some gorgeous red Cascades yarn last week at Jellywares to get it started!

I'll up-load some piccies once I get the body of the beret done!
Until then, happy sunday!! :o)

Ellie x

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My first ever swap!

Today I joined a "swap" over at the gorgeous blog Calico & Co which I'm super excited about!! It's my first EVER swap and it all happens in September. The swap involves sending a partner (they could be anywhere in the world, depending on who has joined the blog swap and who we get partnered with) an item that we have made or purchased that has been handmade that values about $15 (we can spend more if we like). We have to send the package to our partner by September 3rd just in time to celebrate Calico and Co's blog birthday!

I can't wait to get crafting. Of course I'll be using crochet as a part of my swap but now I have to work out what I want to make to send!! Anyone can join by joining the blog and then joining the swap.

What do you all think I should make??? I'd love to hear your thoughts!! :o)

The Chunky Cowl

I decided to give the cowl scarf another go, this time using a different pattern. I used a VERY easy pattern, perfect for a beginner and used some gorgeously soft Super Wash Cascades yarn in a yummy plum purple colour. I love the colour, the pics I've taken don't show it that well.

You can find the pattern here. I modified it by chaining about 50 instead of the 37 that it asks you to do. I did this because I wanted the cowl to be a bit looser around my neck. Now that I've finished the cowl I think I could have probably chained a few less, but it still worsk and keeps my neck warm!!

The best thing about the yarn that I used is that it is machine washable!! How good is that?! This scarf is perfect for those chilly days that we've been having! I'm thinking I'll give this scarf away to my sister if she likes it! It was so quick and easy I could whip up another in no time! The only stitches used were single and double crochet so it was very sinchy!!

More crochet goodness to come later in the week...
Ellie x

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Buttercup baby dress...

I just finished making this gorgeous Buttercup Baby Dress! I love it and even though I don't have kids (and no I'm not getting clucky!! lol) I really wanted to give one of these cute projects a go! It was super easy, I used this pattern with modificatins by my crochet teacher Jodie from Jellywares! I used some Cascades cotton rich yarn. It comes in some great colours and I thought that this bright buttercup yellow would look good, also I haven't used this colourway before so it's nice to use a different colour.

It was a great project that worked up super quick and used a couple of shell stitches which you can see in the pic above. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It's a newborn size so now I just have to wait for someone to have a baby so I can give it to them! lol

Next I'm going to try and make another scarf in a gorgeous purple colour, maybe another cowl but this time a chunky one... still undecided.
I'm going to head over to Ravelry to find a new pattern. I've still got a gorgeous ball of Eco-Wool that I've been meaning to make a scarf out of for my sister Jessie. Might get that started too! Ah too many great projects, I wish I could spend all day being creative!!
Ellie x