Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Natural Remedies...

I've never really looked into the whole idea of natural remedies but since I'm struggling to kick this STUPID cold that I've caught this winter I am thinking that maybe its time to give some natural remedies a go!

I was scouring the net and of course one of my favourite websites, Homelife and came across some ideas for kicking the colds and flu's the natural way.
I found a couple of helpful links, you can read the Homelife guide to preventing colds and flu's the natural way here. The main emphasis in this article is to exercise regularly (hmmm, I've been lacking a little in this department lately! Oops! lol), and to get plenty of rest regularly!

I also found an article on Gardening to Boost Your Immune System! on the same site. This is perfect since I'm really digging (pun intended haha) gardening at the moment! My garden needs some serious pruning and de-weeding and I can't wait until after my uni exams (when I scrounge up some spare time) to attack it!!

So I'm off to boost my citrus and garlic intake in my diet to kick this darn cold (as I've read is suppose to help!!)

What are your natural remedies or special tips and tricks to start feeling better from a cold?? Roger's secret to feeling better is "fruit and water!" he also swears by those cough lolly things, "Anti-col" ?? I'm not into them though.

I'd love to hear your tips!

Ellie x
(pictures from homelife.com.au)


  1. it's funny how the "old ways" can give you that little boost to get past a lurgy.
    my family reak after the amount of garlic i have been slipping into their meals ;) but it has worked because i eased up and BANG everyone got a cold . . . . maybe a coincidence ?

  2. Naturally It's more power full and more effective and its not couses and side effects.


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