Sunday, August 22, 2010

Comfort Food

This week, Roger and I have both come down with the dreaded winter cold. Although we're not feeling too bad, it does slow me down a bit! So on Friday night I thought I'd whip up some comfort food for dinner. I had a large pumpkin in the veggie basket so I decided to try my hand at Pumpkin Soup!

MMM I love pumpkin soup, it has to be close to my favourite if not my favourite soup! My mum makes a mean pumpkin soup and I was hoping that I would also be able to make a yummy one!

For my first attempt I used this recipe as a backbone to follow. It was sooo easy and so quick, we were sitting down eating delicious warm soup in no time!

(boiling the pumpkin, potato onion and stock)

(The yummy finished product, add some cream and hey presto! Delicious!)

(Served with some crusty bread, toasted or not... yum!)

In knitting/crochet news, I have a few projects on the go at the moment! I'm currently finishing off making some goodies for my swap partner (in the Calico and Co craft swap) I'm also in the middle of making another slouchy beret and have just taken on my second knitting project.

I have decided to make a gorgeous cardigan/shrug. It's lovely. I'll link to the pattern next post when I've got a bit more done, so far I've only done the first few rows of the ribbed collar part so it doesn't look like too much! I'm so excited to get it finished though, I love it already!

Until my next post, I'm hoping you are all feeling well and not coming down with a cold like us! Have a good week!! Happy crafting :o)

Ellie x

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