Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My first ever swap!

Today I joined a "swap" over at the gorgeous blog Calico & Co which I'm super excited about!! It's my first EVER swap and it all happens in September. The swap involves sending a partner (they could be anywhere in the world, depending on who has joined the blog swap and who we get partnered with) an item that we have made or purchased that has been handmade that values about $15 (we can spend more if we like). We have to send the package to our partner by September 3rd just in time to celebrate Calico and Co's blog birthday!

I can't wait to get crafting. Of course I'll be using crochet as a part of my swap but now I have to work out what I want to make to send!! Anyone can join by joining the blog and then joining the swap.

What do you all think I should make??? I'd love to hear your thoughts!! :o)

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