Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Arvo Baking!

I decided to bake some cookies this afternoon, just for something different (and believe it or not I haven't baked anything sweet since I've lived here in the Riverina!!)

Today I made "One cup cookies", the recipe is by a talented blogger and mother of five kids called Retromummy. She has some great recipes on her blog and this one sung out to me because I pretty much had all of the ingredients needed in my pantry (bonus!)

The recipe called for chic-chips and nuts but like Retromummy suggests in the ends notes of the recipe, you can add raisins as an alternative and I am so glad that I did! They are soooo delish in the cookies!!

Now one thing to remember when baking is to not forget the baking paper like me! I had to grease up the pan pretty well with marg, but it still worked.

These cookies only need about 15 - 20 mins in the oven. I made mine a little big, next time I would probably roll a few smaller balls because they do expand quite a bit in the oven.

Of course this isn't a super healthy treat but I figure it is a slightly healthier alternative than a block of chocolate! Plus, they are super yummy!

Thank you Retromummy for an awesome, quick recipe! Yummy


I want to learn how to sew!

A year or so ago I took a really basic class in sewing purses and a shirt (you might remember my posts back here and here) and since then I haven't had the time or the chance to continue to learn how to sew. I think it is such a great skill to have and its one that I really want to get back into!

I don't know much about sewing, (or anything in my mind) but I know that I see so many gorgeous things on blogs and Pinterest and Oooh and Ahhh wishing that I could even sew a pin cushion together!

I don't have a sewing machine, or threads or even a packet of pins! I am the utmost beginner in this sense and need to find a class ASAP so I can start a new challenge!

Here are some cute things that I "pinned" while rampaging through Pinterest in the hope that one day I might get to learn how to make something from my wish list!!!!

Cute Floor Pillows

Cotton & Curls Easy Pencil Skirt Tutorial


Cotton & Curls Peplum top tutorial

I found the cutest website by Cotton & Curls! How cute is that peplum top and that adorable cheetah pencil skirt?! OMG! I can't believe that she has made them herself! I am so inspired!! 

Do you know how to sew? Where did you learn?? 


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The clunk clunk heels

Another great thing about the races over the weekend was sussing out all of the "spring fashion" trends. People-watching is like a sport isn't it? I enjoyed seeing all the new trends, some good, some... not so good!

One trend that I noticed that I was not loving (besides the hideous amount of really bad spray/ fake tans out in force) was what I call the "clunk clunk heels". I call them clunk clunk heels because they look oh-so heavy and clunky!

They're really on trend at the moment and I'm sure that teamed with the right outfit they look super hot but for some reason so many girls got this trend oh-so-wrong!

Some celebrities can pull off the "chunky" heels with the right outfits!

There were masses of gorgeous, dainty, spring-time dresses being teamed with heavy, horrid clunk clunk heels that totally took away from the pretty dresses and weighed the whole look down.

It was amazing how common they were!

I know that we can all agree that a wedge heel is a lot easier to walk in the the average skinny heel but sometimes it pays to go for a skinny heel to not detract from your pretty, dainty dress. Do you agree?

Here are some examples of what I call "clunk clunk heels" (also more commonly known as platforms or wedges lol)
Tony Bianco 'Saltair' 

Betts 'Poptart' 

I sound like a huge critic but I think we should all take a leaf from Hawko's racing looks and keep it simple and elegant when it comes to heels at the races!



Monday, September 24, 2012


Hey Bloggy friends! Just a quick-y today about the cause I am supporting next month called "Ocssober".

Yes that means no alcohol for 31 days! I am soooo keen to do this, everyone needs a break from alcohol every now and then and its the perfect time (just before the weather gets really hot) to do a mini detox and raise funds and awareness about an awesome cause!

I'm sure you have all heard of "Healthy Harold" (or he was also known as Happy Harold when I was a kid!). He is the little giraffe mascot of the Life Education foundation that teaches children about a healthy lifestyle and gives them info on drugs and alcohol. I used to love when Healthy Harold would come to our school and we would learn heaps of cool stuff about food and health.

Here is a little statement from Ocsober explaining what it is all about:

"Ocsober supports Life Education and their iconic mascot Healthy Harold who, for 30 years, have been empowering Aussie Kids to make smart, healthy life choices free from the harms associated with drug misuse."

"As Australia’s largest non government provider of drug and health education to children, Life Education alongside Healthy Harold works in partnership with more than 3,500 schools and reaches 600,000 children each year with important messages to help keep them safe."

I have my own fundraising page which I am hoping to get some support on and raise some funds (big or small, it doesn't matter - everything counts!)

Here is the link to my fund-raising page:

I would love ANY support at all! So if you are feeling generous please pop over and donate!

Thank you friends!!!!! :)


Sunday, September 23, 2012

... And they're off!! Races Wrap Up

I love a good day at the races. I love horses and I love an excuse to get all fancied up during the day.

Spring racing is even better and the weather here in Wagga for the annual Ag Races day was divine. The weather couldn't have been better! Warm, sunny, little to no wind and not a cloud in the sky!

It was the first day I felt like it was actually Spring time down here in the Riverina!

Besides all of the gabbing about the weather, the races themselves were awesome! It was a massive day for the uni Ag organisers and people were out in force! I loved it! I had some friends visiting for the event (including the BF) and we partied through the day and long into the night (with a quick stop to change into some more comfortable flat shoes after all day in heels, ouch my toes!!)

I love the races!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tanning myself the right way

If I had white or really really fair hair I would dead set look like an albino person.

I'm not joking, my skin is sooo white! I refer to myself as 'glow in the dark' sometimes I feel so fluorescent! lol

But never fear, self tan is here to save the day!!

My skin doesn't tan when I spend hours in the sun, I burn! I get really really red and then go ghostly white again, but I'm OK with this. I'd much rather have ghostly white, pure skin then brown, wrinkly skin riddled with melanomas!

A friend of mine encouraged me to self tan a while a go and at first I was skeptical thinking that I'd come out looking like tandoori chicken but I got up the courage and tried it anyway.

So far I've only been able to tan my legs successfully and haven't ventured onto other parts of my body (it's hard to reach your back when you live alone! Any tips how to get around this??)

Anyhow, my swear-by tanning product is this:
Sugar Baby "Sun-believeable" Instant Self Tanning Mousse 

It's a mousse style product that is dark when it goes on so you know exactly where you have applied and more importantly, where you haven't! Once you rub it in it will pretty much look like the colour it will when its dry so you know what to expect (none of this over night wait time to find out you've missed a big noticeable spot come morning time!)

It doesn't have a really strong stench of fake tan, its more a coconutty smell that only lasts until your next shower! Its also got aloe vera in it so your legs feel so silky and smooth!

I love this product so much! I usually do two applications before a party or event where I want my legs to look golden and I don't feel so ghostly anymore!

I did my legs this morning because I am frocking up for the Races this weekend. I'll do another application either tomorrow night or Saturday morning before the event!

This was after one application this morning!
This was two days ago before I'd tanned! Pretty neat difference hey?!!

So simple! And safe! No laying out in the sun at all! Plus, I usually pay around $15 for a bottle of fake tan from my local chemist which I think is pretty reasonable since this bottle lasts me a while!

Do you fake tan? Any awesome tips? My best tip (even though on the bottle it says not to do this) is to make sure your legs are shaved then apply moisturiser, wait for it to dry then add your fake tan. I feel like it spreads better and soaks in nicely.


Monday, September 17, 2012


Happy Monday friends!!!

I hope you have had an awesome weekend wherever you may be in the world! Mine was amaze-balls!

I travelled down to Victoria on Friday afternoon to spend a weekend with my entire extended family at my Uncle's 50th birthday bash! It was the best weekend that I've had in a while! I love spending quality time with my family, I am a true believer that people come and go but family is forever.

My extended family with my Uncle. We got commemorative jumpers made so we could surprise my uncle with a slogan printed on it about the party! We were like a flash mob, I loved it!! 

After about 600km of traveling over the weekend I had plenty of time to 'get inside my own head' to think a few things over.

I've come to a realisation or even a 'revelation' about my outlook on body image, fitness and health. I've decided to give myself a break from mentally beating myself up about my body image.

I don't eat junk often at all. In fact, I have no bad food in my house at all so it is rare that I splurge. I'm over obsessing about the thought that I am suppose to be so skinny and I am accepting the fact that I am no model and don't need to have bones sticking out to look good.

Plus, I believe moderation is good for everything (except water, I think we should drink more of that!) and if I have a slip up and eat a chocolate once a week, I don't need to mentally punish myself. If you don't eat it everyday, its OK.


I think exercising is awesome and more people should do it more often but there is no need to punish ourselves if we couldn't get to the gym for an hour session one day, a 4km walk around the neighbourhood is better than an hour on the couch, its still exercise after all and calories are still getting burnt.

I wish there was more emphasis around the world about accepting who we are. Yes, we all want to look like Jen Hawkins and have long, slender bodies with no fat content, but the reality is that we can't all be like this and thats OK.

I'm OK with it, I am going to continue to exercise and eat healthy, organic foods that nourish my body but I will not punish myself for being a normal size 10 woman.

Ahhh, it feels good to vent about it! Sorry for the rant peeps! I hope you all have similar outlooks, but its OK if you don't! Drop me a comment with your thoughts!

Have a great day! x


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Get on your bike!

I have been a big, fat, lazy frump over the last 3 weeks and its time to get off my butt and do some exercise!

My biggest problem is the uni holidays! I love them, but my exercise regime does not.

I live away from my home town for university and am a member of an awesome gym (Anytime Fitness) that I love to bits and I make the most of my gym membership when I am here in Wagga for the uni term.

Sadly, my little old home town located in the bush does not have an Anytime Fitness gym, nor does it have a decent gym that I am willing to use. Our town has been protesting and petitioning for a decent up-grade to our local gym for a long time but nothing changes and sadly I do not feel comfortable paying $9.60 EVERY session I go to the gym when the machines are old and half don't work properly! (Okay, my little rant is over now.)

Anyway, I'm determined to not rely so heavily on my gym for a source of exercise while I am at uni now. It turns out that when I do get home again I fall apart at the seams and get so depressed that I can't sweat it up at the gym like i would in Wagga so I end up doing nothing... nothing!!!!!! 

This is totally unacceptable in my books, especially with summer looming in on us at a fast pace!

Today I did a jog/run for around 3km outside in the fresh air. I must admit, it was a lot tougher than in the comfort of my gym on the cross trainer (why is that??) but none-the-less it felt great!

Join in on the fun over at Katrina Chambers blog and post your pics of your exercise for the day with the tag #exerciseshot on Instagram and Twitter :)

I've been dying to get outdoors but my motivation has been poisoning me to think other wise.

I've also been dying to get a new push bike so I can spend even more time exercising without the feeling of really exercising!

I love to cycle. When I was in Europe I think my love for it grew and I have been in love with this bike for about a year now and I think this Christmas I will give it to myself as a gift!

What do you think?

I'm in love. It also comes in pink (which I adore being one of my fave colours) but I think I like this minty green colour best. I love this colour and its a little more subtle than the pink.

The bike is called the Suede City women's bike by Giant and it is a little pricey (like $499!) Sounds a lot, but I've test ridden this beauty and it is nice!!!! You can even use the straps on the back to attach a basket for the shopping! haha I love it!

I'll add it to the Chrissie wish list (which is starting to get a little long now! lol More posts about that soon!)

Have fun, get exercising! ;)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mid Week Ramblings

Is it windy at your house? Its windy here at mine. I've been hearing on the weather news all day that we should be expecting huge gusts of wind and some rain and I think its starting to set in down here, eek!

How is your week going so far?

Mine is going very quickly! Probably because this week I am having to cram in a million little "to-do" jobs in order to get assignments completed and then uni life can simmer down again!

I donned my "farm girl" boots today (some of my new bloggy-follower-friends might not know that I am a farm girl!) Born and bred in a remote country town, my family owns a big farm on the Darling river and I love being a county girl.

Its hard, because I often feel a bit torn between my life as a graphic design student (which tends to pull me to the big cities and the love of all things "city" i.e. shopping, shoes and good eateries lol) and my love for farming and the rural scene.

Today I had to make up a stencil for an assignment at uni. It could say anything we wanted, we just had to make it and and take a photo of it. I decided to use a bit of hessian to spray paint mine on and put a statement about farming.

I feel like farming is a bit mis-understood sometimes and overlooked as an old, dying field that is of no importance to the modern day. I totally disagree. I feel pretty passionate about farming in all regards and feel strongly that without it, we as a population could not eat or wear clothes among other things!

We depend on farming so much today and I think it is so important to support this. Farming is definitely  a big part of our present and future and I thank all of the hard working farmers out there brining us beef, lamb, chicken, veggies, cotton, fruit and sooo much more. Its a tough life for a farmer and is definitely a thankless job.

Unfortunately I can't show you the finished product (only the stencil above) as I have been trying to upload the pics of it for over an hour now with no success.... GRRR!

Ok, my little "farm girl" spiel is over now!! lol Enjoy the rest of your week! xx


Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up!

This last weekend just past was a BIG one!

For starters it was my last weekend of the university holidays (boooo *sad face*) and Saturday night was the night for the big football/netball presentation night for my boyfriend and close friends footy and netball club (according to my boyfriend it is "the biggest night of the year" lol).

I was a big night! A big, fun, tonnes-of-dancing-and-drinking kind of night! I loved getting all "dolled up" for the occasion and spending time with my close friends.

I even got to fake tan my legs (the first fake tan of the warmer seasons!! lol My poor legs needed it BAD! They were a little ghostly to say the least!)

Here are some happy snaps of my outfit and the lippy I chose to wear! (See my last post for details!)

I went for the coral lippy (a little more subtle with my outfit - it doesn't look as bright in this picture as it did on the night. I still love the colour though!)

Unfortunately I have my jacket on in these pics so you can't see my dress fully but you get the idea :)

My sister did my hair in a Lauren Conrad inspired up-do for the evening and I loved it! I don't often wear my hair up when I go out so it was a nice change! 

Sunday was a late start (maybe a tad too much wine the night before, cough!) and of course it was Fathers Day!! My family celebrated by having a BBQ lunch with my aunt, uncle and their three kids plus my Pop and my mum and Dad of course. We ate soooo much food and I made some yummy dessert treats for after (mini pavlovas and cream brandy baskets with fruit!)

Today I had to drive 500kms back to the Riverina to start uni again for term 4! I am hoping to smash the next 7 weeks so I can get this uni year wrapped up, then I only have one more year to go and I can graduate!!! Fingers crossed I can put my head down and bum up!

How was your weekend?!