Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Get on your bike!

I have been a big, fat, lazy frump over the last 3 weeks and its time to get off my butt and do some exercise!

My biggest problem is the uni holidays! I love them, but my exercise regime does not.

I live away from my home town for university and am a member of an awesome gym (Anytime Fitness) that I love to bits and I make the most of my gym membership when I am here in Wagga for the uni term.

Sadly, my little old home town located in the bush does not have an Anytime Fitness gym, nor does it have a decent gym that I am willing to use. Our town has been protesting and petitioning for a decent up-grade to our local gym for a long time but nothing changes and sadly I do not feel comfortable paying $9.60 EVERY session I go to the gym when the machines are old and half don't work properly! (Okay, my little rant is over now.)

Anyway, I'm determined to not rely so heavily on my gym for a source of exercise while I am at uni now. It turns out that when I do get home again I fall apart at the seams and get so depressed that I can't sweat it up at the gym like i would in Wagga so I end up doing nothing... nothing!!!!!! 

This is totally unacceptable in my books, especially with summer looming in on us at a fast pace!

Today I did a jog/run for around 3km outside in the fresh air. I must admit, it was a lot tougher than in the comfort of my gym on the cross trainer (why is that??) but none-the-less it felt great!

Join in on the fun over at Katrina Chambers blog and post your pics of your exercise for the day with the tag #exerciseshot on Instagram and Twitter :)

I've been dying to get outdoors but my motivation has been poisoning me to think other wise.

I've also been dying to get a new push bike so I can spend even more time exercising without the feeling of really exercising!

I love to cycle. When I was in Europe I think my love for it grew and I have been in love with this bike for about a year now and I think this Christmas I will give it to myself as a gift!

What do you think?

I'm in love. It also comes in pink (which I adore being one of my fave colours) but I think I like this minty green colour best. I love this colour and its a little more subtle than the pink.

The bike is called the Suede City women's bike by Giant and it is a little pricey (like $499!) Sounds a lot, but I've test ridden this beauty and it is nice!!!! You can even use the straps on the back to attach a basket for the shopping! haha I love it!

I'll add it to the Chrissie wish list (which is starting to get a little long now! lol More posts about that soon!)

Have fun, get exercising! ;)


  1. Totally agree! I'm in love!!!!!!! lol

  2. Now that I am in Cairns with perfect weather, I am looking to get back into an exercise routine as well. Love that bike, I am thinking of buying one similar for myself very soon - I am thinking pink/mint/cream. Will definitely be putting a basket on mine!

    1. I think a basket is a MUST on a pushie!! I'll be attaching one to mine when I get it!


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