Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mid Week Ramblings

Is it windy at your house? Its windy here at mine. I've been hearing on the weather news all day that we should be expecting huge gusts of wind and some rain and I think its starting to set in down here, eek!

How is your week going so far?

Mine is going very quickly! Probably because this week I am having to cram in a million little "to-do" jobs in order to get assignments completed and then uni life can simmer down again!

I donned my "farm girl" boots today (some of my new bloggy-follower-friends might not know that I am a farm girl!) Born and bred in a remote country town, my family owns a big farm on the Darling river and I love being a county girl.

Its hard, because I often feel a bit torn between my life as a graphic design student (which tends to pull me to the big cities and the love of all things "city" i.e. shopping, shoes and good eateries lol) and my love for farming and the rural scene.

Today I had to make up a stencil for an assignment at uni. It could say anything we wanted, we just had to make it and and take a photo of it. I decided to use a bit of hessian to spray paint mine on and put a statement about farming.

I feel like farming is a bit mis-understood sometimes and overlooked as an old, dying field that is of no importance to the modern day. I totally disagree. I feel pretty passionate about farming in all regards and feel strongly that without it, we as a population could not eat or wear clothes among other things!

We depend on farming so much today and I think it is so important to support this. Farming is definitely  a big part of our present and future and I thank all of the hard working farmers out there brining us beef, lamb, chicken, veggies, cotton, fruit and sooo much more. Its a tough life for a farmer and is definitely a thankless job.

Unfortunately I can't show you the finished product (only the stencil above) as I have been trying to upload the pics of it for over an hour now with no success.... GRRR!

Ok, my little "farm girl" spiel is over now!! lol Enjoy the rest of your week! xx


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