Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The clunk clunk heels

Another great thing about the races over the weekend was sussing out all of the "spring fashion" trends. People-watching is like a sport isn't it? I enjoyed seeing all the new trends, some good, some... not so good!

One trend that I noticed that I was not loving (besides the hideous amount of really bad spray/ fake tans out in force) was what I call the "clunk clunk heels". I call them clunk clunk heels because they look oh-so heavy and clunky!

They're really on trend at the moment and I'm sure that teamed with the right outfit they look super hot but for some reason so many girls got this trend oh-so-wrong!

Some celebrities can pull off the "chunky" heels with the right outfits!

There were masses of gorgeous, dainty, spring-time dresses being teamed with heavy, horrid clunk clunk heels that totally took away from the pretty dresses and weighed the whole look down.

It was amazing how common they were!

I know that we can all agree that a wedge heel is a lot easier to walk in the the average skinny heel but sometimes it pays to go for a skinny heel to not detract from your pretty, dainty dress. Do you agree?

Here are some examples of what I call "clunk clunk heels" (also more commonly known as platforms or wedges lol)
Tony Bianco 'Saltair' 

Betts 'Poptart' 

I sound like a huge critic but I think we should all take a leaf from Hawko's racing looks and keep it simple and elegant when it comes to heels at the races!




  1. It's sooooo annoying seeing girls wear heavy shoes with pretty spring dresses, especially at the races. Last year almost all girls were wearing really, really chunky platforms.. such a waste.

    1. I totally agree! It makes the whole outfit look really heavy and ruins the pretty dresses!

  2. amazing shoes :)
    I love them!



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