Sunday, September 23, 2012

... And they're off!! Races Wrap Up

I love a good day at the races. I love horses and I love an excuse to get all fancied up during the day.

Spring racing is even better and the weather here in Wagga for the annual Ag Races day was divine. The weather couldn't have been better! Warm, sunny, little to no wind and not a cloud in the sky!

It was the first day I felt like it was actually Spring time down here in the Riverina!

Besides all of the gabbing about the weather, the races themselves were awesome! It was a massive day for the uni Ag organisers and people were out in force! I loved it! I had some friends visiting for the event (including the BF) and we partied through the day and long into the night (with a quick stop to change into some more comfortable flat shoes after all day in heels, ouch my toes!!)

I love the races!



  1. looks wonderful, and yes seeing men dressed up at the races is great!!...can see why u love the races :)

    1. Hahah, yes the men in suits is always a winner ;) lol


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