Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Arvo Baking!

I decided to bake some cookies this afternoon, just for something different (and believe it or not I haven't baked anything sweet since I've lived here in the Riverina!!)

Today I made "One cup cookies", the recipe is by a talented blogger and mother of five kids called Retromummy. She has some great recipes on her blog and this one sung out to me because I pretty much had all of the ingredients needed in my pantry (bonus!)

The recipe called for chic-chips and nuts but like Retromummy suggests in the ends notes of the recipe, you can add raisins as an alternative and I am so glad that I did! They are soooo delish in the cookies!!

Now one thing to remember when baking is to not forget the baking paper like me! I had to grease up the pan pretty well with marg, but it still worked.

These cookies only need about 15 - 20 mins in the oven. I made mine a little big, next time I would probably roll a few smaller balls because they do expand quite a bit in the oven.

Of course this isn't a super healthy treat but I figure it is a slightly healthier alternative than a block of chocolate! Plus, they are super yummy!

Thank you Retromummy for an awesome, quick recipe! Yummy


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