Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back in the land of technology

Hey friends! I am back!

I took total advantage of the long weekend that we just had and made a last minute decision to head back home to spend the weekend with my parents.

We spent the entire weekend on our farm which for most people would seem like it is in the middle of nowhere, and most people would probably be right by saying this!

Our farm is 200km from my home town and is located about half an hour from the small rural "township" (more like a village) called Tilpa on the Darling River, NSW. I had no mobile phone service and out internet isn't quite set up yet at the house so I was totally disconnected from the online world! (We do have TV though so I managed to catch the final scores of the AFL, woo go Swannies!!)

This is where we stay when we visit our farm. Mt grandparents live in the original farm homestead so we built this. We call it the Quarters and it was originally just 3 old donga's (aka shipping containers) put together and now reno'd! We are slowly getting our garden and trees growing! 

I love the farm. I am a true blue farm girl at heart and I enjoyed every minute of my time out there. Things are so much more peaceful on the farm.

Its quiet (except for the mass abundance of pretty birds whistling all through the day and into the night), its calming, and since we had no major "farm" work to be done while we were out there, I got to spend time with my mum cooking and drinking cups of tea and I managed to get some drawing/painting done and spent some quality time with my horse (whom I'm sure has missed me even though she clearly shows little affection when I bring out the halter and lead rope which equals work for her! lol)

Splash finally showing me some love! lol

Spending time doing things that I really love makes me feel so grounded again. It really makes me re-think my outlook on life sometimes and I'm starting to learn that in life it doesn't matter what you do, how much you earn or whether you live in the big city or a small town, all that matters is that you are truly happy in yourself.

When I am with my family, friends, boyfriend and lucky enough to spend days on our gorgeous family farm I am truly happy.

How was you long weekend? Did you take a trip or make the most of the free time to stay at home and relax?

I can't believe that it is October already! And "Ocsober" has commenced! That means no alcohol for the entire month of October for me! Are you joining in too??


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