Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Week at Cosmopolitan Magazine

Hello out there!!!!

It's been well over a week since I checked in and its because I have been kicking it in the big smoke (aka Sydney) gaining some AWESOME work experience with the Cosmo Australia team!

I can not say enough about the week that was. I had the best time and am still convinced that gaining work experience with Cosmo is definitely on my list of top 5 best experiences EVER!!

I don't know why I was so nervous, everyone was so friendly! I am so amazed that these ladies even have the time to teach me or any other workie (work experience person) since they are all so busy, but every one of them still had a huge smile on their face. And who wouldn't if you got to work at Cosmo every day?!

I am so sad it's all over. I was sad after day one even because I knew I only had 4 more days left of learning and hanging in Cosmo HQ!

I got to learn so much not only about Cosmo the magazine but got a really good look into what the whole company ACP magazines is all about. I am now officially addicted. I am hooked and know that this is what I want to do for my career. It is an exciting, rewarding career that puts a smile on my face. It's competitive to get into but with some persistence and a lot of learning I think I can achieve a lot.

I was helping out with some of the upcoming issues (most particularly the Feb issue) so it makes me so excited to wait for the new issues to hit the stands to see how it will all come together! Plus there will be a surprise in the Feb issue, I'm not saying any more then that until January when it comes out! Stay tuned!!

It was a bit of a weird feeling meeting and seeing well known ladies from the magazine in the flesh (i.e. the gorgeous Leigh Campbell - Beauty Ed and Alanah Pickup - Junior Fashion Ed often seen in the mag on a regular basis!) It's like meeting celebrities that arent quite as well known but just as cool! lol (I sound slike a dork, yes. But it was a bit of a big deal for a small town girl like me!!)

I feel so lucky and so inspired. I am totally going to per sue this as a career, its my dream job after all!!

Dream big! x


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