Sunday, November 24, 2013


This weekend I had BIG plans to visit the beach and checkout some more markets (I was thinking Manly markets) but my plans changed.

The boyfriend and I decided that this weekend was going to be one of relaxation. Plus I read my horoscope in the Sunday papers this week and even the stars are telling me to take a chill pill and de-stress.

Ok. I'm listening universe.

We had tickets to see the American comedian Arj Barker on Friday night at the State Theatre in the city. It was an AWESOME show. I highly recommend it. We even got to meet Arj and get a signature! I was a little star struck even though he isn't technically "big time" in Hollywood or anything.

The weather was horrific (storms and flash flooding) on our way into the city, as was the traffic and not to mention the wait time to get a damn taxi. Dear God. This is city living I guess, and we are still getting used to it!

We had dinner down at Darling Harbour and because it was raining we ran into the closest restaurant (since we were also running late as the weather/traffic/taxis were terrible). We ate a quick meal at Cyren. It was super fast and pretty tasty although I had eaten there before. Trav had some sword fish and it was devine!

Yesterday was Christmas tree shopping day! Super exciting since Christmas is my favourite time of year. I was itching to put the tree up as soon as we got home but the boyfriend says not until December 1st. Damn. Next week it is!

We got the cheapest tree I've ever seen but next year I will lash out for a bigger and nicer one, maybe even after the boxing day sales. I just couldn't justify the big bucks at the moment with my budget. I'll post about the tree when it's up in all its cheap glory.

Right now the boyfriend has parked himself comfortably on the couch watching the darn cricket.

Is anyone else's other half moulding themselves to the couch to watch the cricket??

Meanwhile, I am dreaming of these cute flats from Asos. I think they're perfect for this summer and within the budget too. Hmmm a purchase may be on the cards!

Stay happy peeps and have a lovely new start to the week tomorrow!
E, x

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bondi Farmers Market

Yesterday I got up early and decided I wanted to visit the Bondi Farmers Market. I have been fixated on going and visiting Bondi for some reason since I moved closer to the city. I had been there before and I am told the beach is not great for swimming in but I wanted to visit it anyway, plus I heard the markets there are good!

So it took me about an hour to drive in and the weather was suppose to be terrible with rain and storms but Mother nature held out long enough for me to explore the markets and get to walk along the beach for a little bit.

Bondi farmers market nob 2013

It was beautiful down there yesterday. The storm clouds were rolling in but it was humid and warm enough to swim. I wish I had packed my new Seafolly swimmers so I could christen them the right way (in the ocean of course!)

Bondi farmers market nob 2013

Anyhow, after I got caught up looking through Bondi Wholefoods (which is a great store/cafe by the way! - They are soon opening online, I'm excited! I really hope they post out here!) I realised that I had only paid about $5 for parking and it was going to run out if I didn't make it back to the markets soon!

I rushed into the fresh produce stall and was in heaven! I get so overwhelmed at these kinds of things and often don't know what to by. Next time I am definitely going to take a couple of recipes with me so I can purchase with meals in mind.

I stocked up on some usual stuff that I have in my fridge however: some scrumptious baby tomatoes, a big bag full of rocket, some dutch carrots, a bag full of apricots, mangos and a litre of almond milk! Yum!!!! I love almond milk and will be making my oats with this this morning.

Bondi farmers market nob 2013

Despite all of the amazing food, I could't go past the flower stall. Oh the flowers.

As soon as I spotted the peonies I was in love. These are my favourite flowers (on par with hydrangeas) and the stall holder had them in white and this lush red. So gorgeous!

Bondi farmers market nob 2013

And in true "hipster" fashion, on my last stop before hauling all of my goodies into my car I had to try a cold pressed juice. I asked the stall holder to recommend me a juice out of the green or the red. He said that everyone seems to be jumping on the 'green smoothie/juice' bandwagon but his favourite was the red beetroot juice mix. I can't remember what was in it (maybe apple and something else) but it wasn't too bad, although I think I'll try the green next time.

Bondi farmers market nob 2013

The only thing I am super bummed I forgot to get was some of the "Bondi Yoghurt" I have been seeing posted around Facebook. Aw well, maybe next time.

Have you been to the  Bondi Farmers Market before? Do you live in the Sydney area and know of any other good markets to visit? 

I'd love to hear about them! I love a good market!

E, x

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Feed Your Soul

Are you on instagram, or twitter or any other social media device?

Well I am! You can find me on twitter here, and my instagram handle is elliemaree12.

I love my instagram, and twitter keeps me hella-entertained. I am devastated that Big Brother has ended this year because it has been one of my favourite trash TV shows to tweet through! (Yes, I need a life!)

Anyhow, I mentioned instagram for a reason. I follow the very inspirational fitness and health entrepreneur, Ashy Bines and she announced a few months ago that she and two of her health and wellness friends, Sharlene Fletcher of Live Love Eat Raw and Nicole Joy of Nicole Joy Inspire will be hosting a health, fitness and wellness event on the Gold Coast for ONE DAY ONLY!

When I first saw the event advertised I instantly dismissed the thought of going because I didn't think I could get to the GC in time. Turns out, I can go! 

(Mental note, Ellie you don't live in a remote country town anymore - Sydney is only a quick flight away from anywhere!! Hooray!)

My big sister and I are going together which I think is even more special since we can experience it all together. We're only spending the one night in the GC and have decided that our only free day on the GC will be spent on the beach (since I haven't made it to the beach yet this season - shame on me!)

The event will involve learning to cook clean, raw desserts (OMG YUM!), a fitness training session with Ashy (which I am particularly excited about!), a question and answer meet and great with the three lovely ladies hosting the event, motivational talks, a yoga session and SO much more. It's the perfect excuse to deck myself out in my exercise gear and get an extra boost of self-love.

I am beyond excited!!!

Are any of you attending?! Let me know! I'd love to see you there :)

E, x

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hey folks,
Sorry for the post-lag. Life always seems to get in the way for me. My to-do list is miles long and I always have tonnes of great ideas rolling around in my head but time just keeps on ticking on.

But hey, thats life right?

Anyhow, on to the 'happenings'. Like I just mentioned, I have been SUPER busy lately but not too busy to realise how good I am currently feeling about my current situation.

I mean, (as corny as this will sound), I have been feeling lately that I am both happy and content with my life as it is in this moment.

I don't know if it's the clean eating (for most of the week *wink*) and increased exercise that has helped rid my body of negative, yucky toxins and thoughts, or I am just going through a phase (that I hope sticks around for a while thank you!) but I am happier than I have been in a long time.

A few things have happened that may also be contributing factors:

1. My long-distance relationship is finally becoming a "normal" relationship. When I say normal I mean the boyfriend has now been offered a new job which will mean he can move to the city and live with me finally!  I say finally because for the almost two years that we have been dating we have lived apart.

Long distance has been tough on both of us emotionally and I have found that the stress of being apart and wanting to see each other and not being able to, caused my body and mind to go a little hay-wire.

2. I have joined 2 local sports teams and have ramped up my fitness! I love a good physical game of netball and I have registered to play in both a ladies only and mixed indoor comp two nights a week. Verdict, feeling AMAZE!

3. I've had a week off from univerisity studies. Those that havent read my previous posts wont know, but I have been studying to become a graphic designer for a few years now. I have only FOUR subjects left and I can graduate! Due to relocating to take up my new job here in the city means I have to finish my studies via distance education (i.e online) so this time next year I will be finished! *cheers*.

I have just finished a semester of study so the time off from juggling uni study and full time work has been a blessing.

All in all, I am feeling FAB!

I have also just finished reading the always inspirational Lorna Jane Clarkson's recently released book MORE which gave me a massive boost to start looking at life in a more positive light which has also been a key to my recent positivity glow. (I recommend this and Lorna's first book Move Nourish Believe to anyone interested in the Lorna Jane brand or looking for a good dose of happy, healthy inspiration!)

I have chosen to wake up everyday being thankful that I am happy, healthy and alive! What more could you ask for really? 

Love and happy-vibes to you all x