Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hey folks,
Sorry for the post-lag. Life always seems to get in the way for me. My to-do list is miles long and I always have tonnes of great ideas rolling around in my head but time just keeps on ticking on.

But hey, thats life right?

Anyhow, on to the 'happenings'. Like I just mentioned, I have been SUPER busy lately but not too busy to realise how good I am currently feeling about my current situation.

I mean, (as corny as this will sound), I have been feeling lately that I am both happy and content with my life as it is in this moment.

I don't know if it's the clean eating (for most of the week *wink*) and increased exercise that has helped rid my body of negative, yucky toxins and thoughts, or I am just going through a phase (that I hope sticks around for a while thank you!) but I am happier than I have been in a long time.

A few things have happened that may also be contributing factors:

1. My long-distance relationship is finally becoming a "normal" relationship. When I say normal I mean the boyfriend has now been offered a new job which will mean he can move to the city and live with me finally!  I say finally because for the almost two years that we have been dating we have lived apart.

Long distance has been tough on both of us emotionally and I have found that the stress of being apart and wanting to see each other and not being able to, caused my body and mind to go a little hay-wire.

2. I have joined 2 local sports teams and have ramped up my fitness! I love a good physical game of netball and I have registered to play in both a ladies only and mixed indoor comp two nights a week. Verdict, feeling AMAZE!

3. I've had a week off from univerisity studies. Those that havent read my previous posts wont know, but I have been studying to become a graphic designer for a few years now. I have only FOUR subjects left and I can graduate! Due to relocating to take up my new job here in the city means I have to finish my studies via distance education (i.e online) so this time next year I will be finished! *cheers*.

I have just finished a semester of study so the time off from juggling uni study and full time work has been a blessing.

All in all, I am feeling FAB!

I have also just finished reading the always inspirational Lorna Jane Clarkson's recently released book MORE which gave me a massive boost to start looking at life in a more positive light which has also been a key to my recent positivity glow. (I recommend this and Lorna's first book Move Nourish Believe to anyone interested in the Lorna Jane brand or looking for a good dose of happy, healthy inspiration!)

I have chosen to wake up everyday being thankful that I am happy, healthy and alive! What more could you ask for really? 

Love and happy-vibes to you all x


  1. Good to hear things are going well for you, I'm sure it will stick with you now :)

    1. Thanks lovely! It feels great that everything is on track now :) x


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