Friday, April 18, 2014

Kate's Mary-Janes: a WIP

Happy Easter friends! I hope you are spending it with family or friends. Unfortunately I couldn't be with my family this year with the distance too great for me to travel for just the weekend, so I am bundled up in my house doing the 'house-y' things and about to get stuck in to some more crochet!

I have rekindled the flame that is my love for crochet. I knew it would happen sooner or later and I am loving it!

Thanks to the second instalment of the Jellywares autumn yarn club, I have a yummy skein of Malabrigo Rios yarn in the shade Jupiter all the way from Peru (via Cobar, NSW, hehe) to use for my next project.

I have been promising my big sister Kate a pair of these Mary-Jane slippers since about 2010 when I first started crocheting (slack sister award goes to….), so when parcel two of the yarn club arrived I knew it would be the perfect time to make a pair for her.

So far I have completed the bulk of the first slipper, I managed to get hooking last Sunday afternoon while procrastinating uni studies ( and the slack student award goes to...)

I am loving how they are turning out! The variegation in the yarn adds a little something special too. What do you think???

I am hoping to have the pair finished this weekend so I can pop them in the post first thing next week!

Enjoy the Easter break! I'm off to eat some warm hot-cross buns and sip on a cup of peppermint tea I purchased from these lovely farmers at the Orange producers market a few weeks a go.

I'll see you soon,
E, x

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A little crochet catch-up

Boy have I missed crafting! When I first learnt to crochet from this talented blogger I fell in love hard and fast! There's something about sitting on the couch on a Sunday afternoon with your fingers busy hooking away at a little something special.

I have been off the 'hooks' for a little while due to all of the happenings in my life in the past year or so, but as soon as my good friend Jodie announced she was starting an Autumn yarn club, I knew it was the exact excuse I needed to get some 'me time' back and pick up the crochet hook again!

It took me an entire month before I actually got around to starting the first project of the seasonal club, in fact, the second instalment to the club showed up on my door step last week so I knew I couldn't put off starting any longer!

I got a little nervous just thinking about crocheting again. It sounds silly, but I thought I might forget everything I learnt. I was even panicking thinking I might not remember how to tie the little knot in the yarn to connect it to my hook! I laugh at this now because, like they say about riding a bike, I hadn't forgotten a thing!

I sat down on Friday night after a long day at work with a glass of red (I know, how classy of me) and a chick-fick on TV, and started hooking. If it wasn't for the red wine putting me to sleep I probably would have finished that night, but in stead, I poured myself into bed and finished the next day.

A lovely, plum coloured facecloth to adorn our bathroom for the start of the Autumn season.

This little pattern was so nice to work on and was such a cinch! If you're thinking of learning how to crochet any time soon, this pattern is a must for beginners! It works up super fast and you learn some good basics, plus the pattern made by the 'tulip stitch' looks quite detailed (so you can fool all of your friends into thinking it's a tricky pattern - how clever of you! *wink*)

You can find the rest of my project details here on Ravelry.

Also last week, as well as finding my yarn club parcel tucked under the door mat by my postie, so too was my book delivery from  Local Is Lovely.

The book is just gorgeous and with some great yarns about Aussie producers and some amazing recipes too! I was so excited to get two parcels at once - the old fashioned 'snail mail' gets me every time!

E, x

Monday, April 7, 2014

Orange F.O.O.D Week producers markets + the Agrestic Grocer

Yesterday I spent the day in the Central West. Some may say I am mad to have driven about 6 hours (round trip) just to visit the Orange F.O.O.D Week producers market, but I don't care! It was the most beautiful day and it made me appreciate farmers and producers even more than I already did.

F.O.O.D Week is on annually in the city of Orange NSW (roughly three hours west of Sydney) and I had been busting to get to one of the events. Some of the really popular events had already been booked out by the time I realised I wanted to go, so the producers market on Sunday was a must for me.

I read something on Facebook last week promoting people to shop at their local farmers market. Basically the post said if you were to stop shopping at your local supermarket they wouldn't notice the loss in business. If you in stead purchased your produce from a farmer's stall at the market you know where your money is going and are supporting the farmer 100%, your purchase might even save their farm.

I am in love with shopping up at farmers' markets. There is something about buying wholesome, fresh food and meeting the people who grew it.

Walking through Cook Park on my way to the markets. Such an enchanting park, don't you think?

So off I drove to Orange for the day with Trav's esky in tow. As well as heading to the markets, high on my list of things to do while in Orange was a visit to the Agrestic Grocer. I found their Facebook page through another blogger and they were also a part of the F.O.O.D Week events. I was expecting a quaint little cafe with some fresh produce and coffee but was blown away at how nice a business this was!

Located on the Wellington Road side of Orange (a little way from the centre of town), this restaurant is so beautiful and has the nicest, wholesome feel about it. I wanted to stay all day.

Plus, all of the producers I met at the market stock their products at the grocer so anybody from Orange (and visiting) can purchase home-grown goodness when ever they feel the need!

One side of the business is dedicated to the groceries and produce and the other side is the restaurant with kick-ass beer garden and live music! You can feast on locally made goodies and drink fresh brewed beer or coffee all day.

Everything about this place made me smile, I only wish we had somewhere like this closer to home! (A new business venture perhaps??! ha!)

This one trip to Orange to indulge in the gorgeousness they have on offer has made me really think about where I spend my money and how I want to live my life. Living more simply is something I am aiming for this year (and for the rest of my years) and if starting small and being mindful of where my food comes from and who I am supporting whilst buying it is a step closer to that, well then I am off to a good start!

E, x