Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A little crochet catch-up

Boy have I missed crafting! When I first learnt to crochet from this talented blogger I fell in love hard and fast! There's something about sitting on the couch on a Sunday afternoon with your fingers busy hooking away at a little something special.

I have been off the 'hooks' for a little while due to all of the happenings in my life in the past year or so, but as soon as my good friend Jodie announced she was starting an Autumn yarn club, I knew it was the exact excuse I needed to get some 'me time' back and pick up the crochet hook again!

It took me an entire month before I actually got around to starting the first project of the seasonal club, in fact, the second instalment to the club showed up on my door step last week so I knew I couldn't put off starting any longer!

I got a little nervous just thinking about crocheting again. It sounds silly, but I thought I might forget everything I learnt. I was even panicking thinking I might not remember how to tie the little knot in the yarn to connect it to my hook! I laugh at this now because, like they say about riding a bike, I hadn't forgotten a thing!

I sat down on Friday night after a long day at work with a glass of red (I know, how classy of me) and a chick-fick on TV, and started hooking. If it wasn't for the red wine putting me to sleep I probably would have finished that night, but in stead, I poured myself into bed and finished the next day.

A lovely, plum coloured facecloth to adorn our bathroom for the start of the Autumn season.

This little pattern was so nice to work on and was such a cinch! If you're thinking of learning how to crochet any time soon, this pattern is a must for beginners! It works up super fast and you learn some good basics, plus the pattern made by the 'tulip stitch' looks quite detailed (so you can fool all of your friends into thinking it's a tricky pattern - how clever of you! *wink*)

You can find the rest of my project details here on Ravelry.

Also last week, as well as finding my yarn club parcel tucked under the door mat by my postie, so too was my book delivery from  Local Is Lovely.

The book is just gorgeous and with some great yarns about Aussie producers and some amazing recipes too! I was so excited to get two parcels at once - the old fashioned 'snail mail' gets me every time!

E, x

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