Monday, December 31, 2012

I'm in Cosmo peeps!!!!

Yep, you heard me right! I am in the latest Cosmopolitan Magazine issue in the 'Beauty Hunter' section!

I was lucky enough to complete a week of for experience at Cosmo earlier this year (2012 that is!) and they asked me if I would mind being in their Beauty Hunter section of the mag for the February 2013 issue.

Would I mind?? Of course not!! What an awesome experience!!

I was soooo freakin' nervous as I am no model by any means and the whole "smile, but don't smile" thing was a bit daunting when it came down to shooting the pictures on the busy Sydney streets.

I was really nervous when I knew the issue was coming on sale this month, I was so worried the picture would look bad or I'd be pulling a terrible face or something horrific, but now that its out and on sale I'm feeling pretty OK about the final product!

Check out the latest issue, I'm on page 161!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Done and Dusted

I can't believe another Christmas has come and gone. Its kind of sad really. After all of the hype and the lead up, it just whizzes on by for another year!

I was very spoilt this year with lots of presents from my family and boyfriend! I will soon be even more spoilt because I am one of those lucky people that celebrate their birthday in early January and mine is coming up fast  (on the 12th to be exact!)

Another year older... Arghhhh

Anyhow, here is my quick wrap-up of Christmas with a few pics of the goodies I received:

I scored some pretty perfume's from my boyfriend (Vera Wang 'Princess') and some also from my parents (Marc Jacobs 'Dot') I am loving them both!! I was really surprised when my mum gave me my new Michael Kors watch! OMG I have been wanting one of these all year! I love it! I need to have some links removed but I have been wearing it as a bracelet anyhow until I can get to a jeweller, lol.

My little sister knows me well and got me some new Lorna Jane run-shorts which I wore around the house yesterday. Seriously the comfiest shorts EVER! I have been online and am purchasing another pair today! I love Lorna Jane!!  

I also scored some cute goodies from my big sister but haven't snapped any pics yet and figure I ant take photos of everything or this could be a very long post! Lol, you get the gist.

 I got to have a few snuggles with my sisters puppy on Christmas morning! He is soooo cute!!

 I was also on Pavlova duty again this year so I whipped up these two yummy pav's for our family get-together on Christmas day! They were sooo yummy! I ended up taking some home so we could have yummy leftovers too :)

I love Christmas! I love spending it with my family! I love the food, the music, the excitement of presents and games. I find that most of the time as adults in our family we all get a bit stress-y in the lead up to the day. It isn't until the day arrives and everyone is fed that we all start to relax and enjoy the   whole spirit of it. I hope as we get older we get less stressed on the preparations and just enjoy it more because it comes and goes sooo fast!

Did you go to the Boxing Day sales? Unfortunately I live in the bush and we have no shops around here that do that kind of thing so I was online searching for good deals! There were some great ones, I hope one year I will be able to hit the big department stores to really get into it! I could then get organised for next Christmas all in one go! LOL

 I hope you all had a fab day and if you're not working, enjoying the time off!!

On to the New Year celebrations now! :)


Monday, December 24, 2012

Dreaming of..

A white Christmas of course!

The weather here in NSW, Aus has been ridiculously HOT over the past few days. Yesterday was INSANE! I was working for half of the day and the weather was yuck!

I know every year, right before Spring and Summer arrive I am whining for heat, but right now, even though I am loving spending time by our pool and getting to wear cute dresses and skirts around, I am feeling a little drained by the heat.

Today as I was driving home from visiting some family, I thought to myself, "A wintery Christmas with a cracking wood fire and roast dinner would suit me right about now!"

I really hope one day I can flick the heat of December here in Australia and head over seas for a white Christmas! Maybe next year???

Amidst my dreaming, I have been pinning some gorgeous wintery Christmasy stuff. I'm sharing it now :)

                                                                   Source: via Megan on Pinterest

                                                         Source: via Loreliya on Pinterest

                                                                     Source: via Patricia on Pinterest

                                                          Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest

                                                              Source: via susan on Pinterest

                                                                    Source: Uploaded by user via So Fresh ❤ on Pinterest

Merry Christmas Eve!!!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 Favourite Things

I was inspired to do my own version of "2012 Favourite things" by MrsB over at The Wifey Chronicles!

Here are my favourite things from 2012 - what a year! (some links are provided!)

One Tree Hill (the final season. I am still heart broken its over), Revenge, The Block, Pretty Little Liars, Kendra On Top, KUWTK

The Hunger Games, Batman - The Dark Knight Rises, Ted

Miranda Lambert (Yes I am a country bumpkin), Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran

Anything organic!! Muesli, bean curry, spicy chicken stir fry

Working at Cosmopolitan Magazine for a week! (Ah-mazing!) & Winning the 'Fashions of the Field' Women's title in my home town!!

Zara, Forever New (I am addicted to this store!), Witchery, Sheike

Cosmo, Women's Health

Black skinny jeans by Witchery, Blazers (I adore my Sheike blue blazer with funky shoulder pads)

Anything by Tony Bianco, Witchery leather flats 

Pinterest!!!!!! Need I say more ;)

Instagram & Twitter



Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo


'Oh Lola' by Marc Jacobs

What are your fave things from 2012?


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tried & Tested: Amazing veggo recipe!!

I follow a few blogs that post about food and amazing recipes. I am a bit of a foodie, and when I find the time and inspiration I like to try out new recipes for myself or my family and boyfriend (my guinea pig! lol)

This week I tried out the most amazing vegetarian dish by an awesome blogger called "The Good Plate".

Jackie posts lots of yummy recipes, and this is the second recipe by her that I have tried and have fallen in love with! Soooo yummy!

The recipe is called 'Haloumi and  veg couscous with Za'atar, pistachio and yogurt dressing' and it is amazing!

Here is the recipe link  .

Because of my location (living in the bush of NSW) our local supermarket didn't have all of the ingredients that the recipe called for so I left a few things out, but it still tasted super yummy.



Friday, December 14, 2012

The countdown is on... are you ready?!

Our office is buzzing this week! The Christmas countdown is on, with only 11 days until Chrissie day we are all madly getting out acts together trying to finish last minute shopping!

The post mas has been mad lately! Every time a parcel arrives we all get excited to see what gift has arrived for which family member! All of my parcels have arrived except one which was a last minute online purchase for the BF. I have been informed that it has been shipped already so fingers crossed I'll have it in my PO Box by early next week!

I have to get my Chrisse cards sent out today and also send off a pressie to my friend who lives away but other then that I think I mostly have everything under control!

Are you ready?
Happy Christmas!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blog Love: The Beetle Shack

I have decided that every Wednesday (if I manage to find a great blog that I love each week!) I am going to write a post about them and spread the blog-love around!

This week I am loving "The Beetle Shack".

I know I am probably so behind when I post about some of these blogs, and I apologise if you have been following them for 'like...ever!' but I have only just discovered them and have developed a new-found love affair! :)

I have been flicking back through Emily's (author of The Beetle Shack) posts and am loving everything about them! She takes great pictures, everything seems very natural and she posts some killer recipes and yummy looking food!

Here are some snap shots from her blog:


(All pictures have been copied directly from The Beetle Shack's blog)

Emily does a whole mixed-bag of posts about her life, her kids, eating ethically and my favourite are posts about her awesome collection of what she is wearing. She has some funky-as clothes this mumma! I am really digging those turquoise shoes up there!

Plus I am loving her hair!! For short hair style inspiration, she is it! It makes me want to re-think my long locks?! lol

Check her out if you're not already following!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend ramblings

This weekend has gone by so fast its hard to believe that I've even had a weekend!!

Firstly on Friday night after work I had a Client Christmas party to go to for my workplace. It was great to end the working week with a few wines in a relaxed BBQ environment!

(Me in the car on the way to the party - perfect selfie op lol!)

On Saturday I worked and it was SOOO hot! After the last two big weeks that I have had, I crawled into my bed after work for an arvo nap! That night I had another Christmas party to go to (this time it was my Bf's work party) which meant more drinking, dancing and food!

I feel like ever since our holiday on the houseboat last week in SA all we have done is eat and drink alcohol! I am just about ready to go on an alcohol detox, seriously! (A terrible time to try and detox just before Christmas though right??)

Today was my relax day. I kicked off my shoes, got in my swimmers and lazed by our pool. It was another scorcher today so sitting in the pool was very fitting. We had prawns for lunch and relaxed the afternoon away.

Before the sun went down I managed to convince my Bf to help me put up some Christmas lights on our house (I am a very Christmas-y person so I love all of this stuff!) It was hot, but being the amazing Bf that he is, he climbed up onto the hot tin roof and strung the lights from one end to the other! (Thanks babe!)

Tonight I skyped my little sister and we chatted for a good hour or so. I love Skype! Best.Invention.Ever! Whilst chatting I remembered that I have been meaning to download Michael Buble's Christmas album. I love it! It's playing as I type. Ah, he has a gorgeous voice doesn't he?!

That about wraps up my weekend, how was your weekend? Ready for another working week??

Lets do it! ;)


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blog love: Harper & Harley

Sometimes I find some spare time to cruise around the Internet and read up on cool stuff or find an awesome new blog that I love.

This week I found a couple of new blogs (all are completely different and I love them for totally different reasons!)

The one that has stuck in my mind the most this week is a fashion/style blog that maybe some of you have already heard of or are subscribed to!

It's called Harper & Harley and I am addicted to it. For starters this chick has got ah-mazing style! (and probably a decent wage to support her impeccable taste in fashion!)

Here are some snaps of her featured on her blog:

Amaze-balls sunnies anyone? I want these soooooo bad!

Check her out! She's only 23 and based in Sydney so its nice to keep our blog love local! :) I'm off to drool over more of her amazing outfits and cry at how low my bank account is knowing I cant afford any of this stuff! (LOL)


Tony Bianco Iphone app!!

As if I needed another excuse to shop for Tony Bianco shoes and bags, they have an Iphone app out now!! OMG!

I'm not sure how long the app has been around but I only discovered it late last night when I also found out that they were having a 20% off everything sale online (sadly it ended at midnight and I didnt get any purchases).

I'm loving all of these shopping apps, even though it makes it that much harder to resist shopping, it does really make life easier for quick shopping on the go!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bought it! Push bike love... found one finally!

You might remember that I was talking about buying a new push bike in my post back here and I mentioned a 'Giant' beach cruising looking bike that I had been lusting over since early January.

Well it turns out that they dont make that particular bike anymore, but thats OK cause I've found a better one! AND its ordered and heading my way before Christmas! *Jumps with excitement*

I was cruising through Facebook and found a link to Reid Cycles and saw a picture of the EXACT style of bike that I have been searching for. It was love at first sight. I quickly jumped online and located my dream pushy.

Here it is:

It's this exact colour (it also comes in watermelon - (which I was tossing up between), lavender, red, white, yellow and blue)! The only thing I couldnt get was the white wire around the basket (something about being on further order, blah blah so I settled for black but thats OK. Its no big deal!)

I am so excited for it to show up!!! I can see myself now cruising to town with my groceries in the front! Haha

I am even more happy about the price! It was a good $200 cheaper then the last bike I was looking for, PLUS a 10% discount, its like hitting the jackpot!

The guy that I spoke to on the phone (Allan was his name) was so helpful and funny! He made ordering it so easy and quick. I love a helpful salesperson.

Another step closer to living a healthier life with this new addition. Check out Reid Cycles here.


Colours of Summer: Country Road

When we were in Adelaide last week (I love this city btw! It was my first time as an adult in the city and the shopping, food and lifestyle was fantastic!!!) I got to do a spot of shopping (mostly Christmas shopping and a bit of window shopping (still a broke uni student *sad face*).

I couldn't help but notice the gorgeous summer colours in fashion right now! I am addicted to the bright and summery feel that every fashion outlet seems to have in stock.

I have a subscription to Country Road via email and often see what gorgeous stuff they have on offer (which is a blessing and a curse most days!) and I quickly popped into their Rundle Street store and got a glance at their stock in the flesh!

I am LOVING the colours!

Here are my picks:

I love this colourful combo! Those linen/cotton blend shorts are so cute and come in a heap of different colours!!

I can't get enough of "jelly shoes"!! I purchased a blue pair last summer when I was in the Greek Islands and love them! I bought a pair of these Country Road ones in black this year! The gold buckle and detail on top make them look a little more dressy!

I also cant go past the 'fedora' styled hat this summer! I didn't actually see this hat in store and wish I had because I love it! Its cool to be sun smart people! :)
I love a cute, breezy singlet that can be dressed up and down. This one also comes in yellow! I love this orange colour teamed with the sky/aqua colour - I'm really digging this colour right now!

Who doesn't love a fluro bight beach towel?! These towels are gorgeous and thick and come in heaps of different patterns! You wouldn't miss me at the beach with this doozy!

You can find all of these products online here. Shop up people! :)