Monday, December 31, 2012

I'm in Cosmo peeps!!!!

Yep, you heard me right! I am in the latest Cosmopolitan Magazine issue in the 'Beauty Hunter' section!

I was lucky enough to complete a week of for experience at Cosmo earlier this year (2012 that is!) and they asked me if I would mind being in their Beauty Hunter section of the mag for the February 2013 issue.

Would I mind?? Of course not!! What an awesome experience!!

I was soooo freakin' nervous as I am no model by any means and the whole "smile, but don't smile" thing was a bit daunting when it came down to shooting the pictures on the busy Sydney streets.

I was really nervous when I knew the issue was coming on sale this month, I was so worried the picture would look bad or I'd be pulling a terrible face or something horrific, but now that its out and on sale I'm feeling pretty OK about the final product!

Check out the latest issue, I'm on page 161!



  1. You shouldn't worry at all, you look great! And quite natural too, like you don't look at all forced =)


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