Friday, December 14, 2012

The countdown is on... are you ready?!

Our office is buzzing this week! The Christmas countdown is on, with only 11 days until Chrissie day we are all madly getting out acts together trying to finish last minute shopping!

The post mas has been mad lately! Every time a parcel arrives we all get excited to see what gift has arrived for which family member! All of my parcels have arrived except one which was a last minute online purchase for the BF. I have been informed that it has been shipped already so fingers crossed I'll have it in my PO Box by early next week!

I have to get my Chrisse cards sent out today and also send off a pressie to my friend who lives away but other then that I think I mostly have everything under control!

Are you ready?
Happy Christmas!!!!!!



  1. By some freak of nature, this year I can say - yes! I am ready! I've posted the cards and shipped all the presents to family far away. A few more gifts to wrap but otherwise things are good! It's a xmas miracle!

    1. You are smart cookie ejorpin!! I wish I was as organised as you, but I am nearly there!! lol x

  2. I'm all done with the shopping... just have 30+ presents to wrap and possibly bake some gingerbread cookies if I can be bothered.

    1. OMG MrsB! 30+ presents is heaps! You will def need a lot of wrapping, no wonder you were getting inspiration on your blog for gift wrapping! lol Goodluck! xo


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