Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Digital book thingys??

Hey ya'll bloggy peeps! I need some help!

I have been thinking lately about getting a digital "book" reader thingy (like a Kindle or Kobo or something of the sort) and havent heard much about them before!



I was wondering if any of you had one, wanted one, or knew stuff about them?!

So far I can see that the Kindle is pretty popular and this is the one I have heard most mention of before!

I am curious! Give me your feedback! I'd love to hear any thoughts!
Thanks for your help! :)



  1. I have a kindle and I LOVE it! It's so awesome to travel with. I have the one that isn't backlit and its easier on the eyes...

    1. Thank you!!! Its great to get some feedback! I was thinking a kindle is the way to go! So much easier then dragging books around everywhere! x

  2. I used to have a pico ebook reader (used to - as in, before I decided to shower it in a cup of coffee) and I loved it. I put tv eps on there and entertained myself on the arduous train trips into/home from work. Worth the investment I think!

    1. Lol Kay, that sucks it go showered in coffee!! Thanks for the feedback, they sound like a cool idea!


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