Thursday, December 27, 2012

Done and Dusted

I can't believe another Christmas has come and gone. Its kind of sad really. After all of the hype and the lead up, it just whizzes on by for another year!

I was very spoilt this year with lots of presents from my family and boyfriend! I will soon be even more spoilt because I am one of those lucky people that celebrate their birthday in early January and mine is coming up fast  (on the 12th to be exact!)

Another year older... Arghhhh

Anyhow, here is my quick wrap-up of Christmas with a few pics of the goodies I received:

I scored some pretty perfume's from my boyfriend (Vera Wang 'Princess') and some also from my parents (Marc Jacobs 'Dot') I am loving them both!! I was really surprised when my mum gave me my new Michael Kors watch! OMG I have been wanting one of these all year! I love it! I need to have some links removed but I have been wearing it as a bracelet anyhow until I can get to a jeweller, lol.

My little sister knows me well and got me some new Lorna Jane run-shorts which I wore around the house yesterday. Seriously the comfiest shorts EVER! I have been online and am purchasing another pair today! I love Lorna Jane!!  

I also scored some cute goodies from my big sister but haven't snapped any pics yet and figure I ant take photos of everything or this could be a very long post! Lol, you get the gist.

 I got to have a few snuggles with my sisters puppy on Christmas morning! He is soooo cute!!

 I was also on Pavlova duty again this year so I whipped up these two yummy pav's for our family get-together on Christmas day! They were sooo yummy! I ended up taking some home so we could have yummy leftovers too :)

I love Christmas! I love spending it with my family! I love the food, the music, the excitement of presents and games. I find that most of the time as adults in our family we all get a bit stress-y in the lead up to the day. It isn't until the day arrives and everyone is fed that we all start to relax and enjoy the   whole spirit of it. I hope as we get older we get less stressed on the preparations and just enjoy it more because it comes and goes sooo fast!

Did you go to the Boxing Day sales? Unfortunately I live in the bush and we have no shops around here that do that kind of thing so I was online searching for good deals! There were some great ones, I hope one year I will be able to hit the big department stores to really get into it! I could then get organised for next Christmas all in one go! LOL

 I hope you all had a fab day and if you're not working, enjoying the time off!!

On to the New Year celebrations now! :)


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  1. That Pav looks soooooooooooo good!

    Love the pressies you got too, especially the watch.


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