Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bought it! Push bike love... found one finally!

You might remember that I was talking about buying a new push bike in my post back here and I mentioned a 'Giant' beach cruising looking bike that I had been lusting over since early January.

Well it turns out that they dont make that particular bike anymore, but thats OK cause I've found a better one! AND its ordered and heading my way before Christmas! *Jumps with excitement*

I was cruising through Facebook and found a link to Reid Cycles and saw a picture of the EXACT style of bike that I have been searching for. It was love at first sight. I quickly jumped online and located my dream pushy.

Here it is:

It's this exact colour (it also comes in watermelon - (which I was tossing up between), lavender, red, white, yellow and blue)! The only thing I couldnt get was the white wire around the basket (something about being on further order, blah blah so I settled for black but thats OK. Its no big deal!)

I am so excited for it to show up!!! I can see myself now cruising to town with my groceries in the front! Haha

I am even more happy about the price! It was a good $200 cheaper then the last bike I was looking for, PLUS a 10% discount, its like hitting the jackpot!

The guy that I spoke to on the phone (Allan was his name) was so helpful and funny! He made ordering it so easy and quick. I love a helpful salesperson.

Another step closer to living a healthier life with this new addition. Check out Reid Cycles here.



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