Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blog love: Harper & Harley

Sometimes I find some spare time to cruise around the Internet and read up on cool stuff or find an awesome new blog that I love.

This week I found a couple of new blogs (all are completely different and I love them for totally different reasons!)

The one that has stuck in my mind the most this week is a fashion/style blog that maybe some of you have already heard of or are subscribed to!

It's called Harper & Harley and I am addicted to it. For starters this chick has got ah-mazing style! (and probably a decent wage to support her impeccable taste in fashion!)

Here are some snaps of her featured on her blog:

Amaze-balls sunnies anyone? I want these soooooo bad!

Check her out! She's only 23 and based in Sydney so its nice to keep our blog love local! :) I'm off to drool over more of her amazing outfits and cry at how low my bank account is knowing I cant afford any of this stuff! (LOL)



  1. She does know what she is doing and she is fabulous!


    1. Definitely Raisa!!
      I'm heading over to check out your blog now! :)
      Ellie x


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