Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lovisa Love

I got an awesome goodie package on my desk at work yesterday filled with AH-mazing Lovisa products! (I LOVE mail, especially mail as good as this package of prettiness!!)

Have you heard of Lovisa? (I'm sure most of you have!) Do you shop there often? I have lived in a remote town for SO long which means I hadn't had much to do with Lovisa before this gorgeous package arrived at my office this afternoon and I was really happy with the quality of the products.

Lovisa was created out of a need for current fashion jewellery at an accessible price point and their stores can be found in six countries across the world! Hells yeah! Lovisa stock gorgeous and affordable items to add to your accessory collection!

I am loving this gorgeous matching necklace and bracelet set by Collette Dinnigan for Lovisa! These two items are so me (even my sister agreed that these items look exactly like something that I would wear all the time when I showed them to her! I have a thing for delicate looking jewellery and especially in gold. I'm a gold wearer!) They are so pretty and delicate, and I love the sweet little bird charms! Its love.

The eye-catcher of the goodies bunch was definitely this funky and modern statement necklace! So on trend right now, this will look great as a feature to any of my basic outfits!

These matchin ear-rings are gorg and I can see myself wearing these on regular occasions because they could easily go with any outfit and colour!

Lastly was this statement ring! How cool is it? So individual and different! I'm loving this one a lot! I even wore it to work today just to mix it up a little ;)

Now, if you're like me and unfortunately are living somewhere that doesn't have a Lovisa store near by, never fear! You can buy online at Lovisa's online store! Retail life is a lot easier these days with online shopping making everything so accessible!!

I am sold on Lovisa. Great quality products at an affordable price!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wedding guest hair do's

I have a work friends wedding this weekend and I am really excited about it! Everyone from our office is attending and its going to be a massive event!

My friend is marrying a lovely Italian guy and they are expecting around 330 guests! Whoa! The wedding also isn't being held in our hometown (since K isn't from my hometown originally) so we are all 'road-tripping' for the wedding! Fun times ahead!

I am going all out with the preparations for the day (without going 'all out' on my budget!) I am wearing a dress that I purchased about 2 years ago for our local race meet and have only worn it the one time. It's still as pretty as ever so I figure its time to drag it out of the closet and give it another whirl. It also cost me around $300 so its time to get my monies worth!

I have already got the heels (black TB's) and since the dress is black and white it was easy to match my black heels. I've decided to do my own nails, except I am buying the polish (I'm hoping to score the OPI shade "Friday Night" if they have it in store!) and I got an awesome spray tan this afternoon by a lovely local lady in town! (I'll have to post pics of this since I am usually sooooo pale!)

All that's left to arrange is my hair do!

I have been pretty set on what I want my hair to look like. I am wearing a strapless dress that has a small tie on one shoulder (hard to imagine but will hopefully post pics next week) so I'm pretty sure I want my hair out.

I have been gathering inspiration from the net (good old google and Pinterest) to show the hairdresser on the day. I really hope they can do it!

Here is what I am thinking

Lauren Conrad is seriously one of my style and beauty idols! I love her! She is always so classy and well put together, plus I am a HUGE fan of The Hills!

She has worn her hair like this a few times (if you're a fan of The Hills you might remember she wore it like this to Heidi and Spencer's wedding!!).

I love love love this 'old Hollywood' style hair! Here are some more examples of this style that I found! 




Surely it can't be too hard to do this style right? The Taylor Swift version is very basic, I am looking more for the Sienna Miller or Lauren Conrad look I think!

Yay, I am getting very excited!!! I love a good wedding don't you?


Obama is in the House!!

Did you follow the USA Election this year? Who would you have voted for if you were in the USA, and would you have voted at all because it is optional in the US?

I didn't follow the election hardcore but I kept hearing tid-bits about it from the news and I was rooting for Obama and was happy to hear that he had won.

Twitter was apparently on meltdown over the announcement and this picture that the President posted on his page labelled "Four More Years"

What are your thoughts. Are you "pro-Obama" ??


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Witchery Trending

I am a sucker for Witchery stuff (even though my current budget doesn't really support my love for their clothes and accessories!!) and I am a subscriber to their regular emails and Facey.

Today I got a hot new email from them showing their latest trend, 'Chambray & White'.

Two words. LOVE IT!

Check out the hot promo for the trend. Feels like Summer!

My picks from the trend by Witchery

I love these shorts! How cute would they be with a white tee, some tan flats and red lippy?!
$69.95 (not a bad price either)
Could be worn dressed down or up I think!
I love a breezy, casual looking summer dress. This one fits the bill perfectly! I can see myself in this with a large floppy sun-hat, aviator styled sunglasses sipping on a cosmo cocktail! Haha, dreaming!
Im loving summer fashion right now? What about you??


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Melbourne Cup Day 2012 - My Fashion Picks

Happy Melbourne Cup everyone!!!

I don't know about you, but personally I think that Melbourne Cup Day should be a public holiday across all states in Australia. I mean, its considered 'the race that stops a nation', so lets all stop work hey?!

Anyhow, I had to work today like every year but that's OK, I don't mind working at the moment (its kind of nice to be back in a work routine rather then having weird class times and free time at uni). We still do an office sweep and wear fascinators in the shop to get in the spirit!

I love the races as you may remember from my posts back here and here. The thing I love the most about race day is the FASHION!!!! This year, Melbourne Cup is celebrating 50 years of fashions of the field so I expected some pretty fancy do's like every year on the field in Melbourne.

Here are my top picks from to days fashions at Melbourne

Mischa Barton

I think this is the best that Mischa has looked in a long time! Her makeup was simple and very pretty and complimented the light lilac colour in her fascinator. She looked so lady-like! I love the sequin details on her collar and the flowy maroon colour of the garment looks quite pretty against her skin colour. I'm not absolutely IN LOVE with the dress but I do think Mischa looks really pretty.
Virginia Gay
I think Virginia (on the left) looks so fab right now! She looks like she has slimmed down quite a bit and is looking really pretty in the pink/red combo. They often say pink and red don't go well together but I love this look on her! I also love the little headpiece. It's small and delicate and not too busy. I think the look on the right (Melanie Vallejo) is a little too boring and not risque enough!
Ashley Hart


I'm usually not one to like a suit on a woman on race day but Ashley Hart is rocking this look! I really like it!  I love the gold geometric belt and how the jacket comes in low so you can see a peek of the peachy colour shirt (or bra) underneath. I'm not loving how messy her bun in her hair is but it works with the peacock feathers too.
And when most people think of Melbourne Cup fashion they often think of Jennifer Hawkins (being the face of Myer and all) but this year I feel like Jen didn't really hit it out of the park with her look.

I'm not loving the dangly head piece, when Jen usually has such great hats or fascinators. The dress is all a bit funny, the colour is great however and Jen's makeup is always flawless. Even when I don't think her outfit is great I still think she is undeniably gorgeous. She looked much better at Derby Day this year in my opinion. (Picture below)
So much fashion! So many celebrities! What were your favourite fashion picks of the day?