Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spending and saving, I need a plan

Ever since I started studying full time again last year I had to learn how to live on a tight budget pretty quickly since now real income was coming in.

Now that I am working full time again, I have this sweet little thing called a 'salary' coming in to my bank account every week that makes me feel happy, and burns a hole in my pocket.

The thing is, we all like to think that if we were earning more money we would be saving more right? WRONG! Sooo wrong! I find that the more money I earn, the more my 'wish list' of awesome clothes and accessories and cute housey stuff grows.

I need to learn how to save again, without making myself feel like I'm earning peanuts and can't afford a few luxuries here and there.

To be honest, with the amount of rent that I am paying I'm not exactly on a 'fabulous' wicket if you get what I mean, so saving is high on the priority list, I just need to get that message across to the shop-aholic diva inside of me!

Today I sat down and wrote out everything I had spent my money on in the past week. I had another bill come in last night, so the thought of doing a spot of online shopping this afternoon was crushed pretty quickly.

I decided that if I sat down and wrote out all of my expenses and could actually see where I had gone wrong on the spending front, I would be more likely to watch this for next weeks pay.

Do you do this?

The biggest thing I have found that has taken a few pennies from my pockets over the last week was buying my lunch and buying coffees. (That's right, I have hopped on the coffee drinking band wagon and I'm feeling a little low about it. I have always been against drinking coffee but now and then I don't mind a caramel latte of a morning.)

There is no reason why I should be buying my lunch more than once a week. Preparation is key and I notice that the days that I do end up buying my lunch is due to the fact that I was running late for work that morning and had no other choice but to buy. Not this week! I am going to make a conscious effort to pack my lunch every day! This way I'll most likely eat healthier too!

As for the coffees, at anywhere from $5-$8 a pop its way too expensive to keep buying them! I can by a whole packet of sachet lattes for roughly $6 that will last me for more than a week! Thinking smart people!

In light of all of this 'organisational' money-speak, I have found some cute stuff online (to buy... doh) that can help keep everything in order if you're like me and need a good boot in the bum.

1. 'My Bills' organiser by Kikki K 
2. Expense tracker, instant down loadable PDF by Printable Wisdom on Etsy
3. 2014 Diary by Handmade Books on Etsy
4. 'Budget book' by Kikki K

Tell me your saving secrets! I want to know how you save, and any tips and tricks if you have them!

E, x


  1. That #3 diary is so pretty!
    I suck at budgeting but I allow my one thing, coffee, daily just because I can. Otherwise I tend to make lunches, put small amounts of money into my savings every other day - not as noticeable when it's bit by bit.

  2. 1. don't spend money on things to help you save money
    2. open an excel spreadsheet instead
    3. monies instantly saved!

  3. 1. don't spend money on things to help you save money
    2. open an excel spreadsheet instead
    3. monies instantly saved!


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