Thursday, August 22, 2013

When life gets in the way + recent buys


I cannot believe that it has been over a month since I last blogged. I think it has almost been two months!! A lot has changed since I last blogged. And I mean A L O T.

For starters, I got offered a full time job as a sub editor with Fairfax Media at The Land newspaper! (For all of you 'city' folk out there, The Land is the rural peeps go-to weekly newspaper about all things... well... rural).

{N.B Sub-editing involves laying out the design on the newspaper pages, spell checking, grammar checking, fact checking etc etc.}

I was insanely excited when I found out! I had a spare-of-the-moment decision to first apply for the job when a good friend text me about the position, and since she knows me so well and knows that reporting about rural things is right up my alley being the country-bumpkin that I am, I had to apply!

After the interview my mind went into melt down and the 'what if's' started.

'What if I get the job?' 'What if they thought I was a complete looney?!' 'What if they want me to move right away?'

And so on. Until I got that call that they wanted me to relocate to western Sydney in two weeks. I had a mad rush to sort out my life, starting with moving out of my rental in Wagga Wagga, locating a new rental in Sydney and sorting out my uni enrolment to now be studying by distance education for the remainder of my degree.

Ok, take a breath!

This all happened about a month a go and I am now blogging from my new apartment in Western Sydney suburbia and LOVING IT.

Learning a new job whilst in the midst of a chaotic relocation and juggle of university work has proved to be HECTIC to say the least, and I will be honest and say there have been days where the good old tears have come out, but today I can report that I am happy, settling into my new job and life (so to speak).

Things seem to be finally slowing down, and I am slowly getting into this new routine!

Besides all of this hulla-bulloo, I haven't been doing a great deal so there isn't a lot to report on. So I thought I'd put together a quick 'recent purchases' post inspired by starting a new office job.

Since we don't have an official uniform at The Land, I have been trying to gradually buy office inspired pieces for work in the attempt that I'll stop wearing my good outfits to work. Slowly happening, still a WIP.

Here are a few office-attire purchases I have nabbed up lately:
1. Witchery shirt (bought on sale - colour is currently not available online but style still is)
3. Cue side panel pant (current)
4. Cue pleat front shirt (purchased on sale in store, also available online)
5. Witchery scarf (current)

I'm still working on getting a few more pieces because even though I work in an office, it doesn't mean I need to look boring!! Although, with the season changing I am holding off a bit on purchases so as to not 'stock up' on winter items when the heat will be here soon enough!!

Anyhow, I promise more blogging will be happening soon!
Take care,

E, x


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