Sunday, June 16, 2013

A few of my favourite things

One of my favourite things about being back home in the country for uni holidays is getting the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the little things that country life has to offer.

One of these things is veggie gardening! I have had a love of veggie gardening for some time now and have never really had the space in either of my rentals that I have lived in to have a big veggie patch. Fortunately our family home is situated on a 5 acre paddock so there is plenty of room to grow gorgeous veggies!

Unfortunately this past summer has been a super hot one for our region so our veggies suffered. My parents also work a lot so they don't have a lot of time to put into the garden as much as they would like to.

Over the last week and a bit of me being home, I have made it my mission to bring the veggies back to life! So far I have managed to harvest some capsicums and an eggplant and I am trying my hardest to save our zucchini plant and get to the tomatoes before the bugs do!!

Our plot is only small at the moment but I have big plans if things keep going well!

Today's harvest from the Nelyambo (this is our house paddocks name) veggie patch also came from our lovely hens who I am glad to report did not get washed away with all of the rain we had last week! Still doing us proud and providing our family with plenty of yummy eggs.

I'm going to do some reading up on organic or alternate methods to getting rid of bugs from our veggies. Over the last week I had to resort to using an insecticide just to try and save what was left of the rotting and dying patch but I'd really like to start using organic alternatives to keep our veggies as healthy as ever!

Do you have any suggestions?? Any green-thumbs out there with some tips for me?? Please comment, I'd love to hear from you :)

E, x

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  1. I did a bit of veggie patch rescuing on the weekend myself! Added dynamic lifter and planted some new tomatoes...hopefully when spring comes, I'll get a good harvest!

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