Monday, June 3, 2013

In other news: Designy Stuff

A few posts back I mentioned that I had been working on a project for uni where I was going to be designing my own stationery. Well, I got the assignment back and the stationery products that I designed and I am happy to say that I did super well with the results! Yay me!

Anyhow, I posted a few pictures on my Facebook as I like to share with my friends and family what I have been working on and it turns out a handful of people contacted me and wanted copies of some of the items! I was so stoked! The feeling that people actually like and want to use something that I have made was excellent!

Here are peek at some of what I have available

"Todays Jobs" fridge mountable notepad $14

"Handmade with love" gift tags for the crafter's out there :)
Also available in a coral red patterned background $4 for a pack of 10

"7 Day Dinner Planner" (at back) A4 size mounts onto the fridge $30 for 50 sheets
"Today's Jobs" and "Shopping List" jot pads both have 50 sheets, $14 each

I have a few other goodies made up but these were the most popular at this stage! The Dinner planner was really successful which I am happy about because I love how bright and colourful it is!

I am hoping to work on some new designs in the coming weeks and continue to see the interest in them via my FB!

E, x

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  1. I love these! So gorgeous and pretty and bright and cheery.


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