Thursday, May 30, 2013

Offspring fanatics

Hey there, long time no catch up! Sorry!! My busy life is once again taking over and my chances to sit down and devise good blog posts have been pretty slim.

Anyhow, how are you all? I'm doing super well! I'm actually so excited for today because my boyfriend is traveling down to pick me up for the weekend (as I managed to sell my car - that's another story) and we are going home for the weekend!!! I am actually going home to work but I am excited about that. I just need a little breathing time away from uni and I haven't seen Travis in about 3 weeks so I am super happy!

In other news, Offspring is back on TV! Are you a fan? I have to be honest and say that this is the first season that I have ever seen! (Shame on me!) I have a decent excuse... kind of. Where I grew up we didn't have Channel Ten until about year or so ago so getting to know all of the shows on the channel has been fun.

Plus, Asher Keddie (plays the role of Nina Proudman) came to my home town last year to work on the Channel Ten show 'I Will Survive' so I was keen to see what she was like as an actor!


Well I have tuned in this season and I am slowly getting into the whole Nina Proudman thing. I have noticed that there are some serious fanatics out there! People love this show and all of its quirky-ness.

One blog that I love, Styling You does a weekly wrap up of the show every Thursday with a Nina outfit 'inspiration' post just in case you want to purchase Nina's outfit from that episode! It's pretty cool. Ladies really seem to be into her boho look and it seems to be quite accessible to re-do in your own wardrobe if you want! Check out Nikki's blog, she is fantastic at beauty and style and really knows her stuff!!

Style inspiration put together by Nikki from 

One thing I have to say, and I know a lot of fans will want to kick me when I say it; I'm not that sure about Nina's partner Patrick! He seems a bit 'dodgy' to me. That's just me!

What have you got planned for the rest of the week? I'll be computer-less from tomorrow so I'll check in on Monday hopefully! Happy weekend lovelies!

E, x

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