Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The weekend that was

Its already the middle of the week and I haven't even had a chance to share with you my fabulous weekend that just passed! (WARNING: I've gone a little photo mad on this post!!)

I travelled home on Friday morning so I could attend the annual horse race meet in my home town. I go every year so this year was no exception.

I was SO overly excited to get home because I hadn't seen my family or boyfriend in over three weeks! I even got a special surprise when I arrived home to see that my little sister and her boyfriend had driven all the way down from Townsville to surprise us all with a visit! I was so happy! (They were pretty tired, it was a 22 hour drive!!!! OMG!)

Me on the right with my sneaky little sister Jessie who surprised us all with a visit!

The races did not disappoint either. The day was warm and sunny, just perfect! It was made even more special because my entire immediate family was together again for the first time in five months so I was sure to get snap happy and get photos!

With my older sister Kate

My family *love*

My dress, shoes and gloves were from Witchery (my favourite store clearly lol!) and the fascinator was purchased from Myer. This year I felt more comfortable in my outfit than any other race out fit I had ever worn! It was warmer than usual but I made sure I wore nude stockings anyway.

I love a good day at the races, I got to spend some quality time with my family most importantly and caught up with my awesome friends and gorgeous work colleagues at our business tent!

Some of the team I work with when I am not at uni! Awesome bunch!

Best weekend in a long time! But I am definitely back to reality now and back to uni in the chilly Riverina! We had a cold snap here (as did much of the state) and I am rugged up on the couch as I type.

Also, before I go, I have a car update! My Barina is apparently not worth that much if I want to trade it (which I kind of expected even though I had everything repaired and she is running fine now!) so I am selling it privately and putting the money towards a new VW Golf! I went car shopping with my Dad yesterday and I think that's definitely what I want! Pretty fancy looking small car!

I am hoping that my car sells quickly, comment below if you happen to be in the market for a second hand Barina *wink*

Ellie XO


  1. You look gorgeous in the photos. I love how your whole family has the same eyes, stands out so much.

    1. Thank you!!! Yep we are all eyeball look alikes lol xo


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