Sunday, November 24, 2013


This weekend I had BIG plans to visit the beach and checkout some more markets (I was thinking Manly markets) but my plans changed.

The boyfriend and I decided that this weekend was going to be one of relaxation. Plus I read my horoscope in the Sunday papers this week and even the stars are telling me to take a chill pill and de-stress.

Ok. I'm listening universe.

We had tickets to see the American comedian Arj Barker on Friday night at the State Theatre in the city. It was an AWESOME show. I highly recommend it. We even got to meet Arj and get a signature! I was a little star struck even though he isn't technically "big time" in Hollywood or anything.

The weather was horrific (storms and flash flooding) on our way into the city, as was the traffic and not to mention the wait time to get a damn taxi. Dear God. This is city living I guess, and we are still getting used to it!

We had dinner down at Darling Harbour and because it was raining we ran into the closest restaurant (since we were also running late as the weather/traffic/taxis were terrible). We ate a quick meal at Cyren. It was super fast and pretty tasty although I had eaten there before. Trav had some sword fish and it was devine!

Yesterday was Christmas tree shopping day! Super exciting since Christmas is my favourite time of year. I was itching to put the tree up as soon as we got home but the boyfriend says not until December 1st. Damn. Next week it is!

We got the cheapest tree I've ever seen but next year I will lash out for a bigger and nicer one, maybe even after the boxing day sales. I just couldn't justify the big bucks at the moment with my budget. I'll post about the tree when it's up in all its cheap glory.

Right now the boyfriend has parked himself comfortably on the couch watching the darn cricket.

Is anyone else's other half moulding themselves to the couch to watch the cricket??

Meanwhile, I am dreaming of these cute flats from Asos. I think they're perfect for this summer and within the budget too. Hmmm a purchase may be on the cards!

Stay happy peeps and have a lovely new start to the week tomorrow!
E, x

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