Thursday, October 4, 2012

I saw a Christmas tree yesterday

I saw a Christmas tree yesterday. In fact I saw a whole heap of them in store at my local Big W! The deco's were out and the Big W folks were getting the tree's ready to be decked out in tinsel and glittery ornaments!

Is it seriously time to be thinking about Christmas? Oh God. I have no savings to even begin to think who in my family will be getting pressie's this year!


We all know that it comes around at the same time every single year, but Christmas always feels like it creeps up on me! Plus, for some reason at the end of the year is when I feel like I have the least amount of money saved up and when it comes time to do the annual present shop I freak out at how much I'm going to have to spend on gifts!

I have to admit, I have been slowly and mentally adding items to my own Christmas wish list. I think its so much easier to give someone (like my mum or my sisters for example) a detailed list of goodies that I've been eyeing off throughout the year that would make great presents. I'm sure we've all had the experience where we've been gifted something that we are not in love with so writing a list doesn't feel so greedy. Better that someone spend their money on something that they know they will love then their money go to waste, right?

What is on your Christmas list? I'm going to do mine up soon and post about a few things I'm drooling over! More soon! :)



  1. I was at Costco a few days ago and was shocked to see all the xmas decorations and wrap on sale, it takes me by surprise too! Although the past year or so I've been buying people presents as I see them, even if it's only April. It's been rather helpful as I have some extremely tricky people to buy for, better to grab that perfect thing as soon as I see it rather than spend all of December in a panic!

    We've had a long tradition of xmas lists in my family (well, mainly between my sister and I). It makes life SO much easier, I wish more people did it!

    1. I totally need to start shopping early!!! Every year I am never ready and have the big shopping rush towards December! Arghh Next year I swear i'll be more organised!! lol

  2. I saw the Chrissy stuff at Woolies, MYER and Kmart already, weird that it's here already! I did 80% of my pressie shopping during mid-year sales because last year I was so broke I barely enjoyed Summer.


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