Saturday, October 6, 2012

Workout-wear wish list

With the warmer weather fast approaching (and has already made it to us this week, yay!) I start to get a bit "panic-y" about a summer wardrobe!

I love summer but I'm not one to like tight fitting clothes, short shorts or skirts because I get a bit self conscious about it all. I know my body is not huge and I'm an average size 10 woman but I still get nervous about wearing skimpy clothes in summer because you just can hide ANYTHING!!!

It's kind of funny that I feel most comfortable in myself when I'm wearing comfortable work out clothes! Cute singlets, pretty shorts and my joggers are what makes me feel comfy and sporty. I've always said as much as I LOVE my high heels and getting fancied up, I feel most comfortable with my body in flats and comfy clothes.

I love Lorna Jane, and if it weren't for my very small uni budget I'd lash out and shop at her local store everyday. Some of her items are massively expensive but I know that her stuff is leading the fitness wear pack and the quality is definitely at the top! I've been working on my Christmas wish list and some Lorna Jane goodies are on my list.

Here is what I am lusting over right now:

Delight Run Short $65.99

Piper Tank $59.99

Emma Run Singlet (on sale) $40

Ryleigh Sports Bra $65.99 

Glory Run Short $65.99

Dynamic Sport Short $65.99

I could go on and on! There are some tights that are new out soon that I love but better stop now or this post could go on forever!!

Here is what is inspiring me this week:

I would LOVE to have these legs and butt for my own so at the gym I have been stepping it up on the leg workouts! I've always had a complex about my thighs and butt so its time to whip it into shape!!!! Plus how cute are those shorts!!!!! 

Whats motivating you at the moment?



  1. Such cute stuff, I get all mine from Cotton On Body, it's insanely cheap and lots of stuff to pick from. I hope I get comfortable enough for a bikini this summer... but I say that every Spring.

    1. I've seen some stuff at Cotton On Body, it looks cute and cheap which is always good! Hopefully we can both feel comfortable to get i bikinis this summer season!! :)


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