Monday, September 17, 2012


Happy Monday friends!!!

I hope you have had an awesome weekend wherever you may be in the world! Mine was amaze-balls!

I travelled down to Victoria on Friday afternoon to spend a weekend with my entire extended family at my Uncle's 50th birthday bash! It was the best weekend that I've had in a while! I love spending quality time with my family, I am a true believer that people come and go but family is forever.

My extended family with my Uncle. We got commemorative jumpers made so we could surprise my uncle with a slogan printed on it about the party! We were like a flash mob, I loved it!! 

After about 600km of traveling over the weekend I had plenty of time to 'get inside my own head' to think a few things over.

I've come to a realisation or even a 'revelation' about my outlook on body image, fitness and health. I've decided to give myself a break from mentally beating myself up about my body image.

I don't eat junk often at all. In fact, I have no bad food in my house at all so it is rare that I splurge. I'm over obsessing about the thought that I am suppose to be so skinny and I am accepting the fact that I am no model and don't need to have bones sticking out to look good.

Plus, I believe moderation is good for everything (except water, I think we should drink more of that!) and if I have a slip up and eat a chocolate once a week, I don't need to mentally punish myself. If you don't eat it everyday, its OK.


I think exercising is awesome and more people should do it more often but there is no need to punish ourselves if we couldn't get to the gym for an hour session one day, a 4km walk around the neighbourhood is better than an hour on the couch, its still exercise after all and calories are still getting burnt.

I wish there was more emphasis around the world about accepting who we are. Yes, we all want to look like Jen Hawkins and have long, slender bodies with no fat content, but the reality is that we can't all be like this and thats OK.

I'm OK with it, I am going to continue to exercise and eat healthy, organic foods that nourish my body but I will not punish myself for being a normal size 10 woman.

Ahhh, it feels good to vent about it! Sorry for the rant peeps! I hope you all have similar outlooks, but its OK if you don't! Drop me a comment with your thoughts!

Have a great day! x



  1. Haha love your outfits, I wish my fam would pose normally just once in their life.

    Definitely allow yourself to eat fun food, you are in no way overweight that requires you to be so strict with your diet.

    1. Thanks Mrs B, I think its all about just learning to accept who we are and love the skin we are in! Its just taken me a while ;) lol

  2. Great realisation x I think you can now enjoy life more and worry less!


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