Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tanning myself the right way

If I had white or really really fair hair I would dead set look like an albino person.

I'm not joking, my skin is sooo white! I refer to myself as 'glow in the dark' sometimes I feel so fluorescent! lol

But never fear, self tan is here to save the day!!

My skin doesn't tan when I spend hours in the sun, I burn! I get really really red and then go ghostly white again, but I'm OK with this. I'd much rather have ghostly white, pure skin then brown, wrinkly skin riddled with melanomas!

A friend of mine encouraged me to self tan a while a go and at first I was skeptical thinking that I'd come out looking like tandoori chicken but I got up the courage and tried it anyway.

So far I've only been able to tan my legs successfully and haven't ventured onto other parts of my body (it's hard to reach your back when you live alone! Any tips how to get around this??)

Anyhow, my swear-by tanning product is this:
Sugar Baby "Sun-believeable" Instant Self Tanning Mousse 

It's a mousse style product that is dark when it goes on so you know exactly where you have applied and more importantly, where you haven't! Once you rub it in it will pretty much look like the colour it will when its dry so you know what to expect (none of this over night wait time to find out you've missed a big noticeable spot come morning time!)

It doesn't have a really strong stench of fake tan, its more a coconutty smell that only lasts until your next shower! Its also got aloe vera in it so your legs feel so silky and smooth!

I love this product so much! I usually do two applications before a party or event where I want my legs to look golden and I don't feel so ghostly anymore!

I did my legs this morning because I am frocking up for the Races this weekend. I'll do another application either tomorrow night or Saturday morning before the event!

This was after one application this morning!
This was two days ago before I'd tanned! Pretty neat difference hey?!!

So simple! And safe! No laying out in the sun at all! Plus, I usually pay around $15 for a bottle of fake tan from my local chemist which I think is pretty reasonable since this bottle lasts me a while!

Do you fake tan? Any awesome tips? My best tip (even though on the bottle it says not to do this) is to make sure your legs are shaved then apply moisturiser, wait for it to dry then add your fake tan. I feel like it spreads better and soaks in nicely.



  1. I am a whitey as well and I am standing out so much now in Cairns! Everyone is tanned!
    Might give the SugarBaby a try, I like the fact that it doesn't smell bad.

    1. Haha I feel for you, everyone in those tropical areas are so nice and tanned! Maybe you'll start to tan after a while of living there too?! lol I love the Sugar Baby! It has a danny smell but I don't think its as strong as the others so thats a definite bonus!! xo


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