Monday, September 24, 2012


Hey Bloggy friends! Just a quick-y today about the cause I am supporting next month called "Ocssober".

Yes that means no alcohol for 31 days! I am soooo keen to do this, everyone needs a break from alcohol every now and then and its the perfect time (just before the weather gets really hot) to do a mini detox and raise funds and awareness about an awesome cause!

I'm sure you have all heard of "Healthy Harold" (or he was also known as Happy Harold when I was a kid!). He is the little giraffe mascot of the Life Education foundation that teaches children about a healthy lifestyle and gives them info on drugs and alcohol. I used to love when Healthy Harold would come to our school and we would learn heaps of cool stuff about food and health.

Here is a little statement from Ocsober explaining what it is all about:

"Ocsober supports Life Education and their iconic mascot Healthy Harold who, for 30 years, have been empowering Aussie Kids to make smart, healthy life choices free from the harms associated with drug misuse."

"As Australia’s largest non government provider of drug and health education to children, Life Education alongside Healthy Harold works in partnership with more than 3,500 schools and reaches 600,000 children each year with important messages to help keep them safe."

I have my own fundraising page which I am hoping to get some support on and raise some funds (big or small, it doesn't matter - everything counts!)

Here is the link to my fund-raising page:

I would love ANY support at all! So if you are feeling generous please pop over and donate!

Thank you friends!!!!! :)


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