Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up!

This last weekend just past was a BIG one!

For starters it was my last weekend of the university holidays (boooo *sad face*) and Saturday night was the night for the big football/netball presentation night for my boyfriend and close friends footy and netball club (according to my boyfriend it is "the biggest night of the year" lol).

I was a big night! A big, fun, tonnes-of-dancing-and-drinking kind of night! I loved getting all "dolled up" for the occasion and spending time with my close friends.

I even got to fake tan my legs (the first fake tan of the warmer seasons!! lol My poor legs needed it BAD! They were a little ghostly to say the least!)

Here are some happy snaps of my outfit and the lippy I chose to wear! (See my last post for details!)

I went for the coral lippy (a little more subtle with my outfit - it doesn't look as bright in this picture as it did on the night. I still love the colour though!)

Unfortunately I have my jacket on in these pics so you can't see my dress fully but you get the idea :)

My sister did my hair in a Lauren Conrad inspired up-do for the evening and I loved it! I don't often wear my hair up when I go out so it was a nice change! 

Sunday was a late start (maybe a tad too much wine the night before, cough!) and of course it was Fathers Day!! My family celebrated by having a BBQ lunch with my aunt, uncle and their three kids plus my Pop and my mum and Dad of course. We ate soooo much food and I made some yummy dessert treats for after (mini pavlovas and cream brandy baskets with fruit!)

Today I had to drive 500kms back to the Riverina to start uni again for term 4! I am hoping to smash the next 7 weeks so I can get this uni year wrapped up, then I only have one more year to go and I can graduate!!! Fingers crossed I can put my head down and bum up!

How was your weekend?! 



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