Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Chunky Cowl

I decided to give the cowl scarf another go, this time using a different pattern. I used a VERY easy pattern, perfect for a beginner and used some gorgeously soft Super Wash Cascades yarn in a yummy plum purple colour. I love the colour, the pics I've taken don't show it that well.

You can find the pattern here. I modified it by chaining about 50 instead of the 37 that it asks you to do. I did this because I wanted the cowl to be a bit looser around my neck. Now that I've finished the cowl I think I could have probably chained a few less, but it still worsk and keeps my neck warm!!

The best thing about the yarn that I used is that it is machine washable!! How good is that?! This scarf is perfect for those chilly days that we've been having! I'm thinking I'll give this scarf away to my sister if she likes it! It was so quick and easy I could whip up another in no time! The only stitches used were single and double crochet so it was very sinchy!!

More crochet goodness to come later in the week...
Ellie x

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  1. I love this! I am still only managing crochet in straight lines!!!!! Very long straight lines!


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